Vitalik Buterin: Ukraine may become next Web3 hub

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Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, recently attended the Kyiv Tech Summit in Ukraine. Here he expressed his support for the residents and seemed very optimistic about the future of Web3 and cryptocurrencies in the country.

Where was he?

The Kyiv Tech Summit was a Web3 Hackathon that took place from September 6 to 9. It focused on the power of technology to solve real problems in Ukraine. Participants there were allowed to present their plans to solve certain problems. Buterin saw the added value of this and decided to travel to the ravaged country.

During the meeting, the Ethereum founder said that this was his first time in the capital of Ukraine. He was full of admiration that in the midst of war, the country is still experiencing such great technological developments. “It’s incredible. Being brave like Ukraine, right?” was his rhetorical question.

“I wanted to see for myself what kind of Ethereum-based projects and applications are being made here, to get to know the people behind them,” Buterin told. He sees a lot of potential in the country and notes that Ukrainians continue to build a Web3 community. Buterin even thinks that the country will become a hub of the Web3 community.

Ukraine as a Web3 hub

“I think Ukraine could well become the next Web3 hub. The Ethereum Foundation has centers in Berlin and Singapore, because the communities there have grown organically,” he said of other countries.

“A country can become a Web3 hub if its citizens are actively interested in this technology and decide to make a major contribution to its development,” Buterin explained. “Ukraine has both the capabilities and the determination to do this.”

$69,420 in crypto prices

The hackathon had 540 participants and the winners received a share of $69,420 in crypto. The largest prize was $5,000, and this was followed by prizes of $2,500 and $1,000 (also in crypto).

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