Tokenizing the Future of Real Estate: An Interview with Julia Filobokova, CEO of Sabai Protocol

Exploring the vision, utility token, and innovative ecosystem behind the blockchain platform democratizing real estate investing.

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A week or so ago, I came across Sabai Protocol – a blockchain platform for tokenizing real estate and other physical assets, which intrigued me. Through some connections, I managed to score an exclusive interview with Julia Filobokova, the CEO of Sabai Protocol.

Julia has over 12 years of experience in real estate and her team created Sabai Protocol out of a desire to bring more accessibility, efficiency and transparency to real estate investing through blockchain technology.

In our discussion, she shed light on the company’s origins, their innovative product ecosystem powered by the $SABAI utility token, and their ambitious vision for the future of tokenized real estate and assets.

What follows is the full transcript of my interview with Julia Filobokova, where she provides insights into Sabai Protocol’s unique offerings, the tangible benefits for investors, and the key milestones they hope to achieve in revolutionizing this industry over the next 5 years.

Tokenizing the Future of Real Estate: An Interview with Julia Filobokova, CEO of Sabai Protocol
Julia Filobokova, CEO at Sabai Protocol

What inspired you to start Sabai Protocol and what is your vision for the company?

Sabai’s team has over 12 years of working in and with real estate making the company’s leadership team experts in the market.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were seeking new resort real estate opportunities to add to our tokenization project.

Disappointed by existing protocols, we took the risk to create our own. Almost four years later we scaled into different areas as well providing products like tokenized private equity, funds, debt and its own academy created for those willing to step into the world of blockchain, crypto and tokenized real estate.

What are some of the key benefits and incentives for investors who hold the $SABAI utility token?

For individual token holders, the primary interest lies in the potential growth of the token price as the platform expands and new business clients come on board. 

Furthermore, token holders do get a lot of benefits from staking including in real estate pools, which will be launched soon.

We also recently launched a fully operational sales department. That means the imminent signing of contracts by new business clients, resulting in the purchase of tokens in large quantities, and consequently, an increase in token prices.

What is the usage of the $SABAI token and how is its price expected to move if more and more users use the platform?

In our business model, B2B clients must purchase tokens to tokenize their assets.

For example, a real estate developer seeking to tokenize a seaside project would pay for the tokenization protocol and buy utility tokens for consulting on Sabai Academy.

These tokens are continuously spent on staff training, resulting in their burning. Moreover, ongoing training for their staff, including sales managers and marketers, will necessitate the continual expenditure of tokens, leading to their burning.

Tokenizing the Future of Real Estate: An Interview with Julia Filobokova, CEO of Sabai Protocol
Julia Filobokova, CEO at Sabai Protocol

How does the Sabai Property marketplace work and what types of real estate investment opportunities are available on the platform?

As Sabai Property is fully digital, customers can purchase part or a full property with just a few clicks saving their time and money on in-person meetings, flights and all the paperwork.

On average our customers save four weeks, by filling out all the necessary information within 15 minutes.

One of Sabai’s key strategic partners is Villa Carte – one of the leading property service providers in Phuket which essentially provides real estate assets for tokenization through Sabai’s platform.

We are also in conversation with other large and small real estate companies and will announce new partnerships quite soon.

What sets Sabai Protocol apart from other real estate investment platforms, both traditional and blockchain-based?

Sabai Ecoverse encompasses our entire product ecosystem, with Sabai Property serving as our investment platform built upon our tokenization protocol.

The strength lies in the seamless integration and mutual reinforcement of these products. The key advantage of our investment platform is its superior profitability compared to all other “safe investment options”.

In simpler terms, Sabai Property offers the highest profitability, second only to cryptocurrency, while maintaining the lowest volatility.

What role does the Sabai ID play in the ecosystem and what features does it offer users?

Sabai ID serves as both a personal user account and a manager’s admin cabinet.

For users, Sabai ID provides effortless access to all ecosystem products, a user-friendly dashboard for asset tracking, and investment tools for tokenized real estate.

Managers, on the other hand, benefit from a constructor to issue RWA\VA and a comprehensive dashboard to oversee the entire system from one interface.

Sabai ID undergoes continuous updates, with new features regularly introduced. 

Tokenizing the Future of Real Estate: An Interview with Julia Filobokova, CEO of Sabai Protocol
Source: Sabai Protocol

The Sabai Protocol whitepaper mentions a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance model. How will this work in practice and what role will token holders play in decision-making?

Token holders are eligible to receive profits, while all other matters are managed by the platform’s management and associated companies.

This setup enables investors to enjoy a passive income without delving into the intricacies of real estate management.

Some may argue that the concept of a “metaverse” like Sabai World is overhyped and that virtual real estate has limited practical value. How do you justify the investment in this aspect of your platform, and what tangible benefits will it bring to users?

I concur with those who argue that the “metaverse” is overhyped. In fact, I might go as far as to say it’s a dead-end technology branch.

Sabai has no affiliation with the “metaverse”. The similarity in names can sometimes cause confusion.

Hence, we’ve opted to refresh our branding and will be using the name Sabai Protocol moving forward.

How do you plan to scale Sabai Protocol and expand to other markets beyond Thailand in the future?

Most of our focus is on our main product, Sabai Protocol. Our immediate goals include signing new clients and reaching a $10 million milestone in tokenized asset value by summer’s end.

Today, we’re in talks with a Georgian developer keen on tokenizing part of their resort

We’re also gearing up for a big marketing push to promote our utility token, featuring a fresh design and new exchange listings.

Additionally, we’re also working on a major announcement targeted at the Thailand-based realtor community to accelerate partnerships and sell tokenized assets.

Thailand’s growing real estate market is driving the adoption of tokenization among key players like developers.

Where do you see Sabai Protocol in 5 years, and what are some key milestones you hope to achieve along the way?

While competitors offer solely white paper and landing pages, we’ve developed a demo product and a platform for RWA tokenization.

The demo version of the Sabai World mobile game will be tokenized next quarter, allowing us to secure contracts with clients.

Our five-year plan focuses on leveraging our strengths: the Sabai protocol, the RWA & VA assets tokenization platform, and our suite of services. This involves attracting new clients, tokenizing more assets, and exploring new sectors.

With a new marketing director, we’re planning to forge partnerships in finance, real estate, technology, and regulatory sectors.

Our marketing team is expanding efforts to broaden our audience. Additionally, we aim to list new top exchanges, with Binance being our ultimate goal. 


Julia Filobokova is the CEO at Sabai Protocol. With a diverse background spanning finance and technology, she brings a blend of strategic insight and operational expertise to her role. Prior to joining Sabai, Julia had been COO at OMNIC, an international R&D company that develops automation and self-service solutions for logistics, e-commerce, retail, and HoReCa.


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