The Developers of the World’s First Metaverse Cricket Game Set to Launch Their Maiden NFT Collectibles

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Since the first game based on blockchains appeared in 2017, with the then-popular CryptoKitties, the domain has taken a steep rise in terms of adoption and revenue. With a few blockchain games that took the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism to new peaks, the domain now is home to games such as Axie Infinity, which saw $3.5 million worth of crypto transactions in 2021 alone.

Sports have seen the NFT world too, with applications such as NBA Top Shots and Sorare becoming popular during the NFT boom. While NBA Top Shots is an NFT marketplace selling iconic video clips from the league, Sorare is a fantasy soccer game with player licenses from more than 100 clubs across the globe. Now, it seems like cricket could join the movement more proactively.

Although the sport had an NFT presence with a video clip NFT marketplace like NBA Top Shots (FanCraze), a cricket game based on the P2E mechanism has been an avenue under consideration.

Now, it might be time for the thought to materialize, and an NFT drop event would set the stage for the future NFT cricket game. In this blog, we will see more about the upcoming NFT drop and the NFT cricket game.

Metaverse Cricket Game

The World’s First Metaverse-based Cricket Game – What Do We Know?

“Meta Cricket League,” the world’s first NFT cricket game, is ready with its maiden collection of NFTs, which will be launched on April 22, 2022 (Friday).

The NFT drop event named “Super Loot” will be hosted by the NFT marketplace platform, which will serve as the official economic powerhouse of the subsequent NFT cricket game. All the products in the current discussion are created by GuardianLink, a firm concentrating on developing NFT applications.

The company already has a great profile with some successful projects related to NFT security protocols and celebrity NFT marketplaces. Since the first official press release talking about the game came out, there has been increasing interest among NFT enthusiasts, cricket fans, and blockchain gamers to have their hands on the upcoming NFT collection.

Super Loot NFT Drop – What Do We Have Before Us?

The Super Loot NFT drop would feature 25,000 NFT collectibles in total, which have unique characteristics and would be of any of the following types – Digital cricket player cards and digital cricket bat cards.

There would also be physical NFT collectibles available to random purchasers, which might hold a more significant value than just a showpiece item. The NFT items also cost less (in terms of the blockchain world), with a single NFT item priced at $25 and a set of 5 NFT items available at $125.

A free treasure box would also be available for those who buy 5 NFT collectibles from the Super Loot NFT drop event. The NFT collectibles to be launched are expected to be the flag-bearers of the subsequent NFT cricket game, as the previews of the NFTs on the website of the NFT marketplace suggests.

Being part of the Super Loot is very easy, starting with signing up for the NFT marketplace.

After creating your account on the platform, you would need to fill in the in-built wallet present in the marketplace with a certain amount of cryptocurrency, after which you are ready to make your first purchase during the Super Loot NFT drop event.

P2E and Cricket – What Can One Expect to be New?

In the current trend, the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism has been working well for multiple blockchain-based games, and some of them have been yielding high engagement, enough to beat some popular generic NFT marketplaces. Some examples include Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, the Sandbox, and Decentraland.

These games offer their players the option to earn money in real-time in the form of in-game assets, currencies, and rewards that can be sold to other players inside the game for cryptocurrencies.

Such games also served as saviors for people in some of the biggest developing regions in the world during the global pandemic crisis, which resulted in a lot of people losing their jobs and suffering for their livelihoods.

Now, coming to cricket as the plot for a play-to-earn game, the choice is a bit risky, which is worth taking. This is since the sport has a huge fan base in the Asian subcontinent, which is generally categorized as a developing region in the world and is the most populated region in the world.

Also, there has been no blockchain game based on cricket so far, owing to the fact that most people do not know about NFTs and cryptos in general.

But, now, there has been some sense of awareness around blockchain-based applications because of the stand taken by some countries in the region around cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Still, the world’s first NFT cricket game, “Meta Cricket League,” could foster the growing audience for P2E gaming in those regions.

This is since cricket has been an emotion for most of the people in those regions, which makes delving into P2E blockchain gaming easier for people. With these games, people could now earn a passive income apart from their full-time roles or earn money while searching for a new job.

Hence, a P2E game based on cricket could be the perfect starting point for a new mass of blockchain adopters coming into play. For such a revolution, the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop event could play a major role in framing the P2E gaming industry of tomorrow.

Some Summarizing Thoughts

Therefore, we can say that the upcoming NFT cricket game’s maiden NFT drop on the NFT marketplace platform could shape the way P2E gaming will be going in the future to cover new regions.

Also, the fact can be supported by the sheer amount of hype bustling around the NFT drop event through posts on different social media platforms, with the hashtags #jumptrade and #nftcricketgame gaining huge traction.

Additionally, we cannot ignore the fact that the website of the NFT marketplace offers its users a vivid experience through an attractive user interface. Hence, it can be concluded that the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop holds something more than NFTs, with a lot of legacies to follow.

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