Bitcoin FilmFest Turned Warsaw Into The Capital of Independent Cinema and Sound Money

Two community-driven events, blending art, films, and technology, put Warsaw, the capital of Poland, in the spotlight of the Bitcoin world.

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Less than a week ago (April 18-21), the second annual edition of Bitcoin FilmFest (BFF24) concluded in Poland.

Bitcoin Filmfest
Bitcoin Filmfest

Combining its program with the final celebrations of the halving cycle (European Halving Party), the event attracted freedom seekers and movie buffs worldwide.

Both events, happening in parallel, were organized by the same group of people—Bitcoiners, activists, and good friends, striving to support the creation of independent cinema 2.0.

Most of the program took place at the Palace of Culture and Science (abbreviated as PKiN), a monumental skyscraper in the heart of Warsaw.

Built almost 70 years ago, it stands not only as the second tallest building in the country but also as one of Europe’s most legendary structures in terms of history and architecture.

Bitcoin FilmFest returned to this venue for the second time, and this year, when the Bitcoin block height reached 840,000, completing the fourth halving, it featured an impressive laser show on the building’s façade, propelling Warsaw into discussions across Europe and beyond.

Bitcoin FilmFest Turned Warsaw Into The Capital of Independent Cinema and Sound Money

Let’s take a look at what else, apart from the laser shows mentioned above, made these two combined events so special.

The power of storytelling. 

The vibrant part of BFF24 featured dozens of films, including 5 world premieres, but also panels, open debates, and meetings with their creators. To cap it all off, on Sunday, the final day, a semi-official gala was organized as well, where the Golden Rabbit Awards were given for the best films nominated in four categories. The winners were announced as follows: DIRTY COIN for Best Movie, SEARCHING FOR SATOSH for Best Story, HODL for Best Short, and MY TRUST IN YOU IS BROKEN for the Audience Choice award.

Bitcoin FilmFest Turned Warsaw Into The Capital of Independent Cinema and Sound Money

A community-driven experience. 

Besides the film screenings, the iconic rooms of the Warsaw’s palace also hosted dynamic sessions led by selected participants on the Community Stage, along with a special segment for younger guests, focused on cartoons and an open stage co-run by children and teenagers.

In addition to these points, attendees also took part in several games, from paper and scissors to a Chain Duel tournament on a large cinematic screen, organized as a part of the Halving Party to introduce new traditions related to Bitcoin’s cyclical nature.

What’s uncommon in buildings like PKiN was the DIRTY COIN pre-premiere cocktail party, which due to the Bitcoin halving happening just a few hours later, transformed into a grand celebration in the palace interiors, accompanied by the aforementioned laser show outside the building.

Education, culture and a hint of Poland.

The extensive program of both BFF24 and the European Halving Party didn’t solely center around the Palace of Culture and Science.

Several satellite meetups, networking gatherings and leisure activities extended across various nearby locations, offering all guests a comprehensive taste of Warsaw and its attractions. From retro-bus tours around the city to authentic Polish cuisine at the charming Prodiż Warszawski restaurant, and even cruising down the Vistula River — there was something for everyone.

Additionally, for those seeking an extra thrill, side activities such as a shooting range and laser paintball were also an option to take part in.

Saturday, already signaling a new era in the Bitcoin cycle, as it surpassed block number 840,000, offered another entertaining opportunity in the evening.

While not held in Kinoteka, the festivities continued within the iconic walls of the Palace of Culture and Science, particularly at the bar-café Kulturalna, where on April 20th, a large open party took place as part of the overall event program.

Bitcoin FilmFest Turned Warsaw Into The Capital of Independent Cinema and Sound Money
(BarBazaar and Roger900, BFF’s Party, April; 19th)

Other unique points of the program as part of BFf24 and the European Halving Party include:

  •  Mornings at Kino Amondo, the smallest cinema in Poland, which hosted filmmaker workshops and an extra creative corner, making it an ideal spot for children and adults alike.
  • Esoteric sessions at BarBazaar, known as the most Bitcoin-friendly bar in Poland, with Thursday’s live music and captivating visualizations by Roger900 and MadMunky as well as interesting workshops on psychedelics and meditation, which on April 19th seamlessly integrated the theme of Bicycle Day into the festivities of both BFF24 and Halving celebrations.
  • Saturday morning with the Entrepreneurs’ Breakfast, where business-minded Bitcoiners  from various industries and corners of the world  met for a nearly two-hour session, exchanging  interesting ideas and opportunities.
  • BFF x Sats4Flats, a closed meeting focused on Bitcoin and real estate investment opportunities, proving that  property and land transactions can happen over fiat money.

All in All: People, passion, and great memories. 

In the official communication conducted by the Bitcoin FilmFest project, whether on the halving website (which contained the entire program of both events) or on the project’s main social media channel, X (formerly Twitter), there were frequent mentions that BFF and the European Halving Party are not “just another conference, but a cultural experience driven by the community.”

Considering all the points mentioned in this read, it’s hard not to agree with that statement — it wasn’t just a conference, not even just an event, but a 100% experience, built by and for people.

An innovative approach to education and conscious Bitcoin adoption through art, culture and cinema.


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