Tezos X: A New Era of Scalable, Interoperable Blockchain

Tezos introduces a revolutionary "modu-lithic" approach to tackle blockchain scalability, composability, and interoperability.

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  • Tezos X aims to solve fundamental blockchain issues while enhancing usability and utility.
  • The “modu-lithic” approach combines monolithic and modular blockchain designs.
  • New developments target massive scalability and seamless app interaction.
  • Interoperability features will enable integration with other blockchains and non-blockchain systems.
  • Improved developer tools and support for popular languages will broaden the Tezos ecosystem.

Tezos announced “Tezos X” via it’s X account – a platform set to revolutionize the blockchain space with its unique “modu-lithic” approach.

This strategy merges the best elements of monolithic and modular blockchain designs. The goal is to create a scalable, cloud-like backend capable of serving a wide range of applications.

Tezos X aims to address the key issues currently hindering widespread blockchain adoption: performance, composability, and interoperability.

The announcement highlights that merely speeding up transactions isn’t enough. Tezos X intends to enhance the overall usability and utility of the blockchain while preserving its core properties like security and censorship resistance.

Tezos X

Scalability: The First Hurdle

Scalability is one of the most pressing issues in the blockchain industry.

Since 2022, Tezos developer teams have been working to significantly scale the network. The introduction of Smart Rollups in Q1 2023 was a major milestone.

Smart Rollups allow resource-intensive transaction processing on layers above Layer 1, inheriting its security features.

Ongoing efforts include lowering block times to ensure smoother application performance and developing a Data-Availability Layer.

This independent network will handle large data transmissions to Smart Rollups, ensuring a decentralized system attested by Tezos Layer 1.

Scaling horizontally with multiple rollups introduces a new challenge: a fragmented ecosystem. Applications on different layers might not communicate seamlessly, degrading composability. Tezos X seeks to address this issue with its innovative solutions.

Composability: Building Blocks That Work Together

Tezos X aims to ensure that different applications can interact seamlessly, enhancing the overall ecosystem. The vision includes a single canonical rollup that supports multiple execution environments.

This means smart contracts written in different languages can work together effortlessly.

Proposed developments include a new runtime called RISC-V, which is more efficient and scalable. This will allow ultra-high throughput and parallel execution of transactions.

The target is to achieve one million transactions per second in a single rollup. This level of performance would significantly enhance the user experience and make the blockchain more attractive to developers and users alike.

Interoperability: Bridging the Gaps

Interoperability is the final piece of the puzzle for Tezos X. The new features aim to open Tezos to different programming environments and other blockchains. This will make Tezos more versatile and easier to integrate with various systems.

Key developments include Etherlink, which enables the deployment of Solidity smart contracts with seamless integration into the EVM ecosystem. The Michelson runtime will allow quick deployment of applications on Tezos into the canonical rollup, creating a trustless bridge between different systems.

Support for mainstream languages like JavaScript is also in the pipeline. The Turnkey Smart Rollup will make it easier to deploy smart contracts in widely-used programming languages.

Improved developer tools will further enhance the experience, making it as simple as importing a software library.


Tezos X represents a significant evolution from the original Tezos design. The new features and developments aim to create a scalable, interoperable, and composable blockchain ecosystem. With lower latency and enhanced usability, Tezos X is poised to attract millions of new developers and users.

The vision for Tezos X combines speed, efficiency, and easy integration, laying the groundwork for the blockchain of the future.


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