Grass Unveils New App Store Amid Anticipated User Surge

The network for bandwidth sharing introduces new products, including the Grass Community Node, to handle an expected rush of users

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  • Grass, a bandwidth exchange network, guarantees 100% data security and privacy.
  • The platform foresees a massive influx of new users soon.
  • Grass has launched the GRASS APP STORE to boost its network’s robustness.
  • The Grass Community Node app offers users a chance to test new features early.
  • Community Node users receive a 1.25x network score boost for participation.

Grass, a network dedicated to exchanging bandwidth, has announced a major expansion via their account. They are preparing for an anticipated surge in the number of users.

To accommodate this, Grass has introduced several new products, starting with the GRASS APP STORE.

The new App Store hosts various free apps, including the Grass Community Node, which is now available for download. This move aims to strengthen the network’s capabilities, ensuring it remains robust and efficient.

Grass Unveils New App Store Amid Anticipated User Surge

The New Grass Community Node

Until now, users have been earning through a Chrome extension added to their browsers. The new Grass Community Node app offers similar functionality with the added benefit of early access to new features.

Users participating in the Community Node program will see a 1.25x increase in their network score, enhancing their rewards. This could be a timely boost given the expected influx of new users.

Grass has hinted at more products on the horizon, with the next big release expected to form the foundation for many future developments. The company encourages users to stay tuned for these upcoming innovations.

Understanding Grass: How It Works

Grass operates as the backbone for AI models, providing essential bandwidth for data scraping and training.

By installing the Grass web extension, users can sell their unused internet bandwidth to AI companies. This facilitates the growth of artificial intelligence while offering users a share of the earnings.

Participating in Grass means users are directly contributing to AI development. AI labs, some of the biggest customers, rely on networks like Grass to train their models. This collaboration between users and AI companies helps drive advancements in artificial intelligence.

To get started with Grass, users need to download the web extension, create and log into their Grass account, and keep the application running in the background to earn rewards.

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Grass’s latest announcement signals a significant step forward in its growth and user engagement strategy.

By launching the GRASS APP STORE and the Community Node app, Grass aims to enhance its network’s resilience and user experience.

With more products set to launch soon, Grass is gearing up to accommodate a larger user base while continuing to support the AI industry.


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