St. Maarten Follows Dominica’s Lead in Adopting Tron Network

Parliamentarian Rolando Brison Pushes for the Legalization of Cryptocurrencies and the Adoption of Tron Network

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Member of Parliament Rolando Brison, from the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, which is part of the the Netherlands, expressed his country’s intention to follow in the footsteps of neighboring Dominica, with regard to the adoption of the Tron network and the possible issuance of its own token.

Brison indicated that the island’s economy must move forward and this will be achieved by promoting the responsible use of blockchains. “Acting for the benefit of our people and our economy has much more value,” a local media reported.

In that sense, he announced that he is in the process of drafting a legal framework to regulate cryptocurrencies because he believes it is “extremely risky” not to have one and they have to be “proactive” in that area.

“Therefore, I use my right of initiative to bring this law that includes the Tron network, with possibilities later that other blockchains can be incorporated,” stressed the parliamentarian.

In his opinion, the adoption of the Tron network will strengthen its attractiveness for international tourism, which is “vital for the local economy.”

For his part, Justin Sun, leader of the Tron network, was pleased with Brison’s decision. “Another milestone for Tron! St Maarten will adopt Tron as legal tender, this marks another achievement for our momentum in the global adoption of blockchain.”

Brison follows in Dominica’s footsteps

With the presentation of the guide by parliamentarian Rolando Brison, St. Maarten’s actions resemble what Dominica has done with the same Tron network. This island has also taken firm steps to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

In October 2022, CryptoNews reported that Dominica’s authorities adopted the Tron network, in which they launched their own token called Dominica Coin (DMC), in order to promote its tourism goodness.

In addition to its own token, Dominica legalized the use of this network’s native tokens such as, for example, USDT, USDD and TUSD, US dollar-based stablecoins on the Tron TRC20 network.

More recently, Dominica leveraged the adoption of the Tron network to grant citizenship to individuals who purchase its Dominica Coin (DMC) and Digital Identity (DID) tokens. This in order to attract investors to the island.

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