How Does Bitcoin SV Enable Developers?

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Bitcoin SV enables a robust ecosystem of resources and tools with a target to assist developers in deploying applications and blockchain projects on what is referred to as the original Bitcoin blockchain.

BSV gives developers a wide variety of focused assistance in a seemingly intentional effort to support its further global implementation. The Bitcoin SV academy is aimed at introducing aspiring, new and even experienced engineers to the inherent theory of Bitcoin SV, its network infrastructure and BSV development. Bitcoin SV also features an active hackathon in addition to other professional and educational assets developers can access.

Does Bitcoin SV truly enable developers?

What Are The Benefits To Building On BSV?

BSV enables a blockchain platform with a considerably larger network capacity than its often-compared counterpart – BTC. Transactions on the Bitcoin SV blockchain are processed in under three seconds.

This is said to enable BSV to be used as a preferred globally-accessible digital payment method and underlying platform. Due to the large, 4 GB block size enabled by BSV, more than 50,000 and close to 100,000 transactions per second can be processed by the blockchain.

Blockchain applications can therefore leverage the “lightning-fast” transaction speed enabled on the BSV chain. This could dramatically affect and unlock an efficient and seamless UX associated with any one of many applications deployed on BSV. Another element empowered by the Bitcoin SV network is the ability to create and launch fully-automated Bitcoin smart contracts on the platform, unlike BTC at its fundamental level.

How Does Bitcoin SV Enable Smart Contract Coding?

Bitcoin SV enables smart contract coding on its network by way of multiple programming languages. However, the most prominent and perhaps the most developed and popular method is through the sCrypt programming language. sCrypt is known as a high level programming language which enables such automated contracts to leverage the inexpensive, fast, secure and scalable Bitcoin network.

BSV gives developers the ability to write smart contracts which gives way to the movement of not only digital token assets, but all forms of data on the platform. For this reason, Bitcoin SV has been identified as a blockchain on which developers can build and deploy metaverse and NFT-based ecosystems, gaming, lifestyle, social networking and all manner of applications with the support of its underlying blockchain technology.

Bitcoin SV Hackathons

Hackathons organised by the original Bitcoin network as it is called by the community and some others, are geared towards enabling developers to create and build new functional software that is eventually able to be launched live on the blockchain network. As a resource, BSV makes the GoLand Library available to hackathon participants. GoLand is a library with documentation, code standards, tests, examples, benchmarks, and more, as it is the resource used to create Bitcoin transactions.

TxForge is referenced as being a modernised Bitcoin transaction builder for more complex cases. It is a layered implementation which exists and runs atop BSV2. TxForge is said to be capable of supporting non-standard and custom script and is used to build more dynamic transactions like p2pkh (Pay-to-Public Key Hash) payment or data output, yet in a way which renders the implementation simple. Developers are encouraged to participate in hackathons and engage in building on BSV by taking part.

Simplified Payment Verification

Another resource made available to developers on the Bitcoin SV network is referred to as ‘Simple Payment Verification’, or SPV as it is known for short. Simple Payment Verification is an application architecture which is referenced in the original whitepaper. It addresses efficiency, which benefits developers by enabling network participation to be limited to only the parts of the Bitcoin blockchain that have relevance to them.

LiteClient is a program still being developed and refined by the network in order to support SPV in the BSV infrastructure. The network states that since network usage has grown over the years, the ability to utilise such a scaling method is expected to keep the Bitcoin SV network efficient without sacrificing security or overall speed.

Bitcoin SV Academy

Bitcoin SV Academy houses a network of resources which aspiring, new and experienced developers are able to utilise in order to learn the platform and effectively build thereon. The Bitcoin SV Academy was launched in conjunction with the Bitcoin Association. Resources include select courses across three main educational modules. The systemized, self-paced learning platform introduces blockchain architects to Bitcoin Theory, which covers the original whitepaper, deeper aspects of theory and the multiple layers of BSV design.

Classes in the Bitcoin Development module are centred around disseminating the most up-to-date and relevant information on the Bitcoin network for developers who are considering building on the platform. The third module, Bitcoin Infrastructure, is said to give insight on the machinery and mechanics of the Bitcoin SV platform. All three modules are curated to give developers the information needed to mobilise from inquiring about building on BSV to becoming active architects.

A Network For Developers

All-in-all, the BSV network makes available many different mediums and useful resources with an aim to assist developers in learning about the network, becoming actively engaged in development and ultimately deploying applications on the BSV blockchain.

Over the years the platform has seemingly continued in its strides to make BSV a highly sought after platform for developers to launch contemporary blockchain applications that create and establish real world value in the current worldwide business and social landscape.

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