Nigerian Crypto Startups Seek Regulatory Approval Amidst Market Changes

Moves Toward Compliance and Partnerships Signal Growth for Crypto Sector

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  • Quidax and Luno are pursuing licenses from Nigeria’s SEC while Yellow Card discusses regulatory approval.
  • The CBN’s reversal on the crypto ban has improved operational conditions for startups.
  • Nigerian crypto users seek more affordable and easy-to-use platforms post-ban.
  • A partnership between Yellow Card and Coinbase aims to enhance crypto accessibility in Africa.
  • Regulatory clarity from the SEC remains pending, affecting startup transparency.

African continent

In the wake of regulatory changes, Nigerian crypto startups are actively seeking to align with the new guidelines.

Quidax and Luno, two prominent players in the crypto space, have submitted license applications to the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria.

They’ve been in communication with the SEC since October 2023, showing their commitment to compliance.

Meanwhile, Yellow Card is also reportedly in conversation with regulators, signaling a trend of crypto startups aiming for legitimacy within the regulatory framework.

Lifting of Crypto Ban: A New Dawn for Startups

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) decision to lift the crypto ban has breathed new life into the crypto startup scene.

Despite the previous ban, Nigerians continued crypto transactions, albeit at higher costs on some platforms.

Now, startups are under pressure to offer more competitive pricing and improve their platforms’ usability to win over users.

The shift in policy also helps to decouple digital currencies from the negative perceptions of scams, enhancing public trust.

Guidelines and the Road to Compliance

Following the ban’s reversal, the CBN has relaxed its regulations, allowing banks to engage with crypto companies once again.

Banks are now required to verify the identities of all crypto business directors and owners.

Crypto companies are expected to secure licensing from Nigeria’s SEC, which, despite not revealing the names of applicants, has been proactive in issuing guidelines to protect digital assets.

Yellow Card’s Strategic Move with Coinbase

In a strategic move to expand its services, Yellow Card has entered into a partnership with Coinbase.

This collaboration will enable users in Nigeria and 19 other African countries to utilize Coinbase’s wallet services for remittances.

The availability of stablecoin (USDC) and the facilitation of daily commerce through the platform are part of the partnership’s goal to make crypto more accessible and convenient for users across Africa.

Challenges Ahead for Crypto Startups

Crypto startups are not without their challenges. They must address the issues of high pricing and user experience to remain competitive, especially against riskier, lower-cost platforms.

The CBN’s decision to lift the ban has positively influenced public opinion about digital currencies.

However, the SEC’s pace in providing regulatory guidelines and licensing approvals is a significant factor for these businesses.

As the industry awaits further clarity, startups are preparing to adapt to a regulated crypto environment that promises growth and stability.


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