New Privacy Protection Coming from Major Tech Players

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The biggest names in technology are rolling out new privacy guidelines that are designed to set consumers’ minds at ease. With growing concerns over how private our private data really is and who could be accessing it, companies like Meta are making new resolutions to do better when it comes to protecting their customers.

The New Privacy Plan Rollout

The biggest change Meta is seeing is the elimination of permissionless data tracking for personal information on mobile devices.

This wasn’t Meta’s doing, however, as the change is coming down the line from Apple and their new data protection policy. Apple will no longer allow its users to have their data tracked across multiple devices, sites, apps, or platforms without the user’s permission.

This means that smartphone users can very easily opt out of having their data tracked, which will hurt Meta’s bottom line. Remember that Meta is Facebook’s new company name and part of a new larger metaverse that encompasses Facebook and other platforms.

Facebook gets a lot of its income off of sharing personal data with advertisers. When it does that, advertisers can target customers more precisely through their various likes, dislikes, friends, interests, and more. 

If people are able to opt out of the tracking functionality, they likely will. That could hurt Meta’s bottom line, as they would not have as much data to share with advertisers. They will no longer have access to all the resources they previously had, making their service not as enticing for advertisers to use. 

Placing Blame

Meta is now accusing Apple of overreaching with its power. The company says that the new privacy policy will hurt small businesses especially. These businesses, according to Meta, rely on targeted advertising to find their customers.

That is what Meta offers them, since otherwise it might be very difficult for them to find enough customers online to support themselves. The fierce competition in the online space makes it difficult for smaller businesses to stand out, according to the complaint.

Meta is expecting a $10 billion loss in revenue for 2022 because of these changes. That’s a massive impact on Meta’s bottom line, and it shows the sweeping change a solid privacy standard can have on a company as invasive and pervasive as Meta.

Changing the Digital Landscape

You can expect these changes to alter a lot of the online space in new and unexpected ways. People may suddenly start to realize just how many different aspects of the Internet Facebook, and therefore Meta, has its hands in.

Everything from online searches to streaming to video games will be affected by the new privacy changes and met his attempts to counteract it.

Don’t expect even online gambling, like สล็อตเว็บตรง or video game poker to be unaffected. Betting services, online communications, remote work, and other aspects of digital technology will feel the impact of a single licensing agreement update.

That’s how far reaching this new privacy policy will be, which is going to be very good for consumers who are concerned about where their private data is being taken from and how it is being used online. 

With a $10 billion dollar price tag, though, you can expect Meta to implement some changes in how it does business. It isn’t likely to take the new guidelines lying down, and we may start to see Meta charge for some services that used to be free or lock some services into tiered plans to offset the costs. 

The question now is whether new privacy policies being implemented by not just Meta, but Apple, Google, and others will really make personal data more private. Will they be able to do everything they claim to and will customers start to feel safe online?

The concern that many people have is whether these companies will actually stand behind the new policies and adhere to them or whether they will discover loopholes to take advantage of instead.

The battle for privacy online is one that won’t be solved with a simple policy update, but it will need to be reexamined and revisited again and again to get it right. 

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