SubQuery Network: Catalyzing Web3’s Decentralized Future

The Evolution of Data Indexing and RPC Services in the Web3 Ecosystem

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  1. SubQuery Network is advancing web3 with its decentralized data infrastructure platform.
  2. It has evolved from an indexing network to addressing larger infrastructure challenges.
  3. SubQuery is decentralizing data indexers and RPC services to foster an open web3 market.
  4. The platform’s contribution to web3 scalability includes addressing historical data concerns.
  5. SubQuery is not only a tech innovator but also a movement towards a decentralized web3 era.

SubQuery Network has emerged as a crucial player in the web3 landscape, providing a decentralized data infrastructure platform that supports the ecosystem’s growth.

It began by focusing on decentralized data indexing but quickly expanded to meet broader infrastructure needs.

With an eye on facilitating web3’s progression towards an open, efficient, and user-centric future, SubQuery has positioned itself as a leading open-source decentralized indexer.

Decentralizing Data Indexers and RPC Providers

Centralized data sources and costly RPC services are common dependencies for top decentralized applications (dApps) in the web3 space.

SubQuery is changing the game by decentralizing these services, creating a permissionless network that streamlines the data layer for various applications.

The platform includes features such as payment rails, service verification, and dispute resolution, and introduces the SubQuery Data Node, an RPC endpoint optimized for stellar performance and query scalability.

Democratizing RPCs and the Benefits of Open Market

In response to issues like EIP-4444, SubQuery’s mission to democratize RPCs is creating an open market for data infrastructure providers and consumers.

This open market lowers the entry barriers, enabling any node runner to provide services across networks.

Rewards based on performance and cost drive the delivery of better services, and the network grows as new chains and projects are introduced by node runners.

SubQuery’s Contribution to Web3 Scalability

Web3 scalability is a significant concern, particularly with historical data.

SubQuery addresses this through its innovative approach, ensuring data integrity and encouraging cost-efficient querying and contract calls.

This innovation is particularly impactful for Ethereum and other protocols, promoting greater democratization and decentralization in the web3 space.

SubQuery Network’s Vision and Movement

SubQuery Network stands at the forefront of the web3 revolution, supporting those who envision and build a decentralized web3 era.

The platform is more than a company; it represents a movement towards inclusivity and decentralization.

With open data indexers for dApps on over 115 networks, and the upcoming Data Node poised to introduce breakthroughs in the RPC industry, SubQuery is a beacon for those aiming to decentralize the future.


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