News MobileGo receives MetaMask gateway for boosted efficiency and utility.

MobileGo receives MetaMask gateway for boosted efficiency and utility.


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Over the course of the last few weeks, MobileGo (MGO) has been steadily rising in value and business adoption around the globe. The token is currently experiencing greater business utility than ever before as game developers and producers alike are beginning to flock to it for transactional purposes over traditional fiat currencies on the Xsolla platform.

The token looks like it’s set up for another boost as the team drops news that MGO now has a special gateway integration,, for the browser-based Ethereum Wallet, MetaMask. This gateway page will provide increased utility and appeal for MGO tokens as the number of websites, games, and platforms that accept MGO as a payment method grows. All users need to do in order to utilize the gateway is to install the MetaMask browser plugin onto their browser, after which they may create a new account or import an existing one using a seed phrase. This seed phrase can also be used to log into the MobileGo – Metamask Gateway.

The team is also working on a way through which users can bypass the need to pay GAS fees imposed by the Etheruem network, making the use of MGO significantly more cost effective. However, this feature will most likely be complete in a few weeks. In the meanwhile, users can already receive MGO through the gateway by simply logging in using their seed phrase.

The MobileGo gateway is planned to be integrated by Xsolla in the very near future. When in-game, a user may opt to purchase an item using MGO as a payment method with just a few clicks and minimal hassles. Upon clicking on the option to buy an item, the gateway will open and a user can then authorize the payment, without having to pay any extra fees. Making the entire process of using MGO tokens for payments as simple as using a credit card, but cheaper due to being feeless.

It’s worth noting that this new gateway will also allow game publishers to instantly receive MGO from the sale of in-game items. Considering that the previously mentioned Xsolla platform, where MobileGo is used as a payment method, has half a billion regular users this definitely spells out great news for the token and its future growth prospects. Additionally, the MobileGo team is also working on the possibility of allowing users to convert their other cryptocurrencies into MGO tokens if they do not have enough available to complete a purchase.

The end goal of the MobileGo team is to make MGO the world’s most widely adopted and efficient gaming currency. Without a doubt, this MetaMask gateway brings them leaps and bounds closer to achieving that goal.


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