Is Polkadot Converse the Blockchain’s Answer to Social Media?

Polkadot's Trademark Filing Sparks Speculation about a Potential Messaging App and Signals a Shift in Focus from Parachain Technology.

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Polkadot, described as “Blockchain Level-0,” has filed a trademark application for what is speculated to be a blockchain-based messaging application.

The phrase “Polkadot Converse” has been registered as a trademark, with additional information about the application added to the “goods and services” section of the relevant application.

The trademark covers: “social networking software, software for creating, managing and interacting with an online community, software for creating, sending and receiving electronic messages, graphics, images, audio content”.

No further information has been released about Polkadot’s intentions with this trademark application, but the move was enough to spark debate and speculation.

Despite the best efforts of companies like Steemit, Tether’s Keet, and most recently Nostr, social media has never made it to the Web3 industry.

Polkadot (DOT) remains the 11th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of approximately $7.5 billion.

A potential “invasion” of the social media and instant messaging industry would undoubtedly change the focus of Polkadot, which is currently focused on parachain technology and fast transaction speeds.


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