Clore Unveils Ambitious Roadmap with Major Updates Through Q4 2025

Clore plans Wallet 2.0, marketplace redesign, and Tier 1 listing in July 2024.

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  • Clore will release Wallet 2.0 for all platforms in July 2024.
  • The company plans to scale up to 1 million GPUs by August 2024.
  • Clore’s roadmap includes a mix of technical upgrades and new services.
  • A significant marketing push is planned starting August 2024.
  • Clore intends to offer a hybrid POW+POS model by December 2024.

GPU renting platform has updated its roadmap with exciting milestones stretching till Q4 2025.

The roadmap reveals a slew of technical advancements, new services, and strategic partnerships aimed at propelling Clore to the forefront of the crypto industry.

The plan starts with releasing Wallet 2.0 on many platforms in July 2024.

In addition to the wallet upgrade, Clore will unveil a new marketplace design and secure a Tier 1 listing alongside a major partnership. By August 2024, efforts will shift towards scaling and optimizing for 1 million GPUs connected to their servers.

This period also includes a comprehensive redesign of personal account pages and the launch of a Proof of Humanity (POH) marketplace.

2024: New Services and Core Upgrades

  • September 2024 will witness the release of Clore VPN, enabling hosting providers to lease their networks as VPN services, accepting payments exclusively in $CLORE.
  • Additional updates include new image selections, main page redesigns, and an advanced mining container that supports more miners and algorithms.
  • October 2024 marks the introduction of Clore Storage, which allows users to rent storage spaces for containers. This feature aims to facilitate data sharing between containers.
  • November 2024 is set for a massive Clore update, focusing on Clore AI, where all GPUs will collaboratively train one AI while idle.
  • Clore’s roadmap for December 2024 includes the introduction of Clore Staking and a shift to a hybrid Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS) model. This change aims to enhance Clore’s security and scalability.

2025: Scaling Further

  • Moving into 2025, January will see the launch of a mining job marketplace, linking hash power to software and benchmarking.
  • February brings support for popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and AWS.
  • In March, Clore will create a marketplace for AI and ML models and launch a bounty program for security vulnerabilities.
  • April 2025 will introduce automatic data backup and disaster recovery functionalities, along with a dynamic load balancing mechanism.
  • May is set for the release of CLORE OS, featuring additional server monitoring capabilities.

Q2 to Q4 2025

  • Q2 2025 will see the launch of Clore iOS/Android apps and a unified marketplace based on cloreOS. This marketplace will assign specific roles to servers, optimizing their functions based on hardware capabilities.
  • Q3 2025 plans include making the marketplace accessible to both companies and individuals, aiming to become the world’s most efficient computing network. Transactions will be executed exclusively in $CLORE coin.
  • By Q4 2025, Clore will focus on improving code efficiency and boosting marketing efforts to accommodate more providers and enhance its market presence.

Past Achievements and Market Insights

Reflecting on their past achievements, Clore introduced 2FA authentication and a new marketplace design in March 2024. By April, they joined Blockchain Life and expanded to 20,000 GPUs available for rent. May featured significant backend updates, while June saw listings on LBank, BingX, and BitMart.

Despite these advances, Clore’s price has been on a downtrend, falling from $0.17 to $0.09 last month.

Clore Unveils Ambitious Roadmap with Major Updates Through Q4 2025, one month price action. Source: CoinMarketCap

This mirrors the overall crypto market downturn, with Bitcoin dropping from $70K to $55K. This dip might present a buying opportunity for investors.

Clore’s ambitious roadmap and recent achievements signal a period of rapid growth and innovation, making it a project worth watching for cryptocurrency investors.

Full Roadmap here


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