Binance Executive’s Health Crisis in Nigerian Prison

Lawyers Urge Court for Medical Transfer Amidst Serious Illness

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  • Tigran Gambaryan, a top executive at Binance, is seriously ill in Kuje Correctional Centre.
  • Lawyers request his transfer to Nizamiye Hospital for better medical care.
  • The US Consulate stresses the danger of malaria for American citizens.
  • A judge previously denied Gambaryan’s bail due to flight risk concerns.
  • The court has ordered that he receive treatment at an appropriate hospital with adequate security.

Tigran Gambaryan, Head of Financial Crimes Compliance at Binance Holdings Limited, is facing severe health issues while being held in Nigeria’s Kuje Correctional Centre. His legal team from Aluko & Oyebode has raised alarms over his condition and requested urgent medical attention.

Legal Plea for Medical Attention

Gambaryan fell ill on May 22 and received intravenous treatment for malaria within the prison facility. His lawyers argue that the correctional center is not equipped to handle his serious health needs, especially as it undergoes renovations.

The United States Consulate in Abuja highlighted the severity of malaria for Americans who lack immunity against the disease common among Nigerians.

This concern was echoed by C.J Caleb, a partner at Aluko & Oyebode, who signed a letter addressed to the Deputy Chief Registrar of Federal High Court (FHC).

Previous Bail Denial and Current Court Orders

Tigran Gambaryan
At the federal high court in Abuja, Nigeria, Tigran Gambaryan, an executive from Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, awaits prosecution for tax evasion and money laundering.

Justice Emeka Nwite had earlier denied Gambaryan’s bail application citing him as a flight risk based on evidence presented by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). During a recent court session, Gambaryan collapsed due to his deteriorating health condition.

In response to these developments, Justice Nwite ruled that Gambaryan should be treated either at Nizamiye Hospital or any other suitable facility within jurisdiction with proper security measures provided by Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS).

He also directed that results from recent medical examinations be shared with all parties involved.

The case continues amidst accusations against Binance Holdings Limited and its executives involving alleged money laundering activities amounting to $35.4 million. Another co-defendant remains at large after escaping custody earlier this year.

As proceedings are set to resume next month, all eyes will be on how these legal battles unfold while ensuring necessary healthcare provisions are met for those involved.


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