HolyTransaction adds support for Bitcoin Lightning Network to enable instant payments.

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The cryptocurrency market continues to grow and exceed expectations as demand and functionality increase. Yet every day more and more people believe that they have already missed their opportunity and that it’s too late to take part in this revolution.

Fortunately, this is not true as the market is just warming up and it’s never too late to join! 

So where do you begin and where can you buy and store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin easily?

HolyTransaction.com is your simple, secure solution to your crypto-wallet needs even if you are just starting. No need to go through complicated, intimidating big-name exchanges when you can just use an online wallet.

Through HolyTransaction, you can choose any of the supported cryptocurrencies to buy, exchange, or save. 


HolyTransaction can be described as ‘your complete crypto-exchange marketplace’ and is also available as an Android app. The layout was designed to be user-friendly so the interface is clean and straightforward. 

Users can buy any of the 40 most popular cryptocurrencies currently supported on HolyTransaction by depositing funds or by directly purchasing with a credit card. The online wallet also frequently announces new additions to its portfolio of diverse cryptocurrencies. 

The signup process is easy and within minutes, users can be the owners of cryptocurrencies in their integrated wallet. With the wallet, the modern cryptocurrency investor can exchange rapidly for trading, store their savings, and even use the staking service for passive income. 

The platform’s security is top rate with up-to-date maintenance leading to a trustworthy reputation within the crypto community. Need help or have questions? Just send a message to customer service and they will answer promptly. Beginners don’t need to be afraid to get started. 

Latest News

This year HolyTransaction was pleased to announce the successful integration of Lightning Network to the online wallet. This upgrade means 10x faster and cheaper transactions when sending and receiving Bitcoin on HolyTransaction.

Sending or receiving Bitcoin can now take as little as 3 seconds or less and cost pennies. In addition, the enhanced security for lower cost and more speed can benefit customers who wish to send larger transactions. 

Lightning Network is an evolutionary step for making Bitcoin more mainstream. Now becoming the world’s premier financial payment network is even closer. 


The addition of Lightning Network to HolyTransaction is just one of the many actions that show the advancement and dedication of the platform. The cryptocurrency market is still in it’s early days so don’t hesitate to join now. 

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