Florida Court Reverses Binance Ban, BNB-USD Soars

Appeals Court Overturns Suspension; BNB Nears All-Time High

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  • Florida’s First District Court of Appeals reversed the ban on Binance.
  • The court ruled that state regulators did not follow proper procedures.
  • Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, had pleaded guilty to federal finance charges.
  • BNB has surged 6.15% in the last month and 6.85% in the past week.
  • BNB is trading close to its all-time high of $686 set in 2021.

Court Ruling Boosts Binance

In a significant turn of events, Florida’s First District Court of Appeals has overturned a previous ban on cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance. This decision comes after state financial regulators failed to justify their emergency suspension imposed back in November 2023.

The court found that these regulators could not substantiate claims that actions by Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance, posed an immediate threat to public health and safety. CZ had earlier admitted guilt to federal finance charges, which initially led to the suspension.

Florida Court Reverses Binance Ban, BNB-USD Soars

Impact on BNB Prices

Following this favorable ruling for Binance, its native token BNB has experienced notable gains.

Over the past month alone, BNB has risen by 6.15%, with a more recent weekly increase of 6.85%.

Currently trading at around $615 per token, it is inching closer to its record high of $686 achieved during the bull run two years ago.

Florida Court Reverses Binance Ban, BNB-USD Soars
BNB, 7-day chart

While this legal victory provides much-needed relief for Binance amid regulatory challenges elsewhere—such as Alaska denying license renewal for Binance.US—the positive market response underscores investor confidence bolstered by judicial support.

As momentum builds behind both legal wins and rising token prices, all eyes are now on whether BNB can sustain its upward trajectory and potentially break through existing resistance levels toward new highs once again.


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