DriveMining Technology & EnviDa Project Offers New Source Of Revenue For B2B Transportation Companies

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Every day, new blockchain-based projects are launched into the market with different use cases and benefits. Some projects are deployed in the healthcare sector, security sector, finance, education, transportation, etc. Every new project aims to fill a void in the market and ensure users are satisfied with the utility it brings. Although a number of blockchain-based projects launched in the past turned out to be a flash in the pan, most of these projects lived up to the bidding.

Recently, the EnviDa project was launched into the marketspace, bringing with it many positives and benefits for users and the blockchain community in general. Before we go ahead to explore the new revenue source for B2B companies in the transportation industry, let us understand what Drivemining technology and EnviDa are.

What is DriveMining Technology?

The Drivemining technology (Driveminer) is the brainchild of the company DriveMining GmbH & Co.KG. It is an innovative crypto mining rig installed in electric or semi-electrical vehicles of B2B transportation companies like taxis, logistic companies, and so on. The DriveMininer is an independent, multifunctional, and mobile computer with an array of connectivity options. It also has its own exclusive internet access, thus enabling a wide range of other functions.

With the integration of sensors, the DriveMining technology can record environmental data from hundreds of different locations in an urban area. Adopting DriveMiner in different locations creates a constant flow of information about the environment.

Overview Of The EnviDa Project

EnviDa is a blockchain-based project that utilizes the technology of DriveMiner to track and record environmental data. The project creates an interconnected network of multiple devices with the capability to simultaneously collect and securely record any environmental data on the blockchain via the DriveMiner box. By leveraging the self-developed DriveMining technology, the EnviDa project will serve as an ecosystem that provides a worldwide independent foundation for tracking, collecting, storing, and utilizing environmental data.

As the number of installed mining rigs grows, there will be increased environmental data tracking, collection, and storage. Therefore, EnviDa will become an established and trusted database for factual environmental data. With the storage of the data on the blockchain, it will be impossible to alter the data once it has been recorded. Environmental tracking with EnviDa will show the real-time progress of countries in tackling environmental pollution.

Source Of Revenue For B2B Transportation Companies

With the new treaties and regulations about climate change and environmental stability, having wholesome and trusted environmental data undoubtedly have immense value. These B2B transport companies can trade the data through blockchain applications to different government and environmental organizations. This can yield significant revenue for these companies as they can collect an enormous amount of environmental data over a prolonged period of time.

By incorporating the DriveMiner sensors and mining rigs into their fleet of vehicles, these B2B transportation companies also generate revenue from mining the EnviDa token. The interesting thing is that these companies don’t have to spend money on additional infrastructure that is otherwise required in building crypto mining farms. The EnviDa token (EDAT) is the utility token of the EnviDa ecosystem and can only be mined exclusively using the DriveMining technology.

Before any individual or organization can gain access to the environmental data of EnviDa, they will first purchase the EnviDa token. On the other hand, the miner who collects the data and validates the transaction into the EnviDa blockchain will receive EDAT as a reward.


Before now, transportation companies have been cited as one of the major sources of CO2 emissions into the environment. With the integration of DriveMining Technology and EnviDa, these B2B transportation companies will certainly be part of the solution to environmental pollution. This revolutionary concept will undoubtedly lead to a lot of cash inflow for the target companies. You can read the EnviDa whitepaper for more details.

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