Developer Activity On Cosmos (ATOM) Continues To Grow

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Activity in the Cosmos ecosystem continues to grow, which has resulted in it surpassing Cardano and moving up to 2nd place, behind only Ethereum.

How is activity on each blockchain determined? By the activity of developers on each one individually, which is recorded in detail and accurately by GitHub.

So, according to recent data, the projects in the Cosmos ecosystem surpassed those of Cardano by a small margin. Cosmos has recorded 603 commits, and so it is only followed by Ethereum, which has 806 commits so far.

The activity on GitHub essentially demonstrates which projects are receiving attention from developers and are being meticulously deployed. Given the mild market conditions, the increased activity on Cosmos is a good sign.

However, the ongoing bear market is a good time for developers, as it is an opportunity to make investments to enhance, create or even identify promising projects.


As for Cosmos, one of its protocols in the DeFi category, called Onomy, recently secured $10 million from prominent industry players including Ava Labs, Bitfinex, CMS Holdings and the Maker Foundation.


Cardano, on the other hand, has also shown resilience in terms of GitHub activity. The data suggests that 110 entities pushed 555 commits to 64 GitHub repositories. Additions amounted to over 923 thousand, while deletions were around 259 thousand.

“cardano-js-sdk”, which is the JavaScript SDK for interacting with Cardano and offers many important management options and support for popular hardware portfolios, brought in 53 commits. Marlowe-Cardano, a Marlowe implementation of the Cardano blockchain, built over at Plutus, had 53 commits to its name, while the Cardano node saw 31 commits.

In addition, the level-2 scaling solution based on Cardano, Hydra and the Ouroboros network received 28 and 25 commits, respectively.

Finally, Cosmos’ cybersecurity team recently patched a vulnerability identified during a post-exploitation audit of the BSC.

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