Deepfake Video Targets El Salvador’s Bitcoin City, Misleads Viewers

Proponent of Bitcoin Cash Shares Fake Clip to Criticize BTC Adoption

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  • A deepfake video falsely claims that Corbin Keegan left El Salvador due to delays in Bitcoin City.
  • The video was shared by a Bitcoin Cash supporter and gained significant attention online.
  • Keegan has confirmed he is still committed to living in El Salvador and believes in the project.
  • The video misrepresents events, showing Keegan despondent and idle at construction sites.
  • Despite setbacks, Keegan remains optimistic about becoming one of the first residents of Bitcoin City.

A deepfake video intended to criticize El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) has been circulating online, misleading viewers with false claims about US expat Corbin Keegan’s departure from the country.

Misleading Video Gains Traction

The clip, shared by a user named @DavidShares on X (formerly Twitter), portrays Keegan as having given up on his dream of becoming the first citizen of Bitcoin City—a planned municipality powered by geothermal energy from the Conchagua volcano.

Styled like a local TV segment, it shows him waiting near construction sites and sitting idly around a beach town.

Text overlays suggest that disillusioned with delays, Keegan returned to Chicago permanently. However, this narrative is entirely fabricated.

Reality Check: Commitment Remains Strong

In reality, Corbin Keegan did move to El Salvador with hopes for Bitcoin City’s future despite its slow progress. He recently visited Chicago briefly but returned as he remains dedicated to residing long-term in El Salvador.

Keegan responded directly under the misleading post stating: “Fake news. I’m still here.” He emphasized his unwavering commitment: “I’m 100 percent committed all-in on Bitcoin City and El Salvador like I am on Bitcoin.”

David Shares’ clue within his post hinted at its falsehood—cities do not have citizens; countries do—yet many viewers believed it anyway.

Despite challenges facing the development of this bitcoin-funded metropolis, attempts like this week’s deepfake only serve as embarrassing propaganda against those invested in its success.

Corbin Keegan continues to wait optimistically for what lies ahead, both for himself and others involved in these projects across various parts of Central America, including locally in El Salvador.


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