Charles Hoskinson Addresses Criticisms, Highlights Project’s Progress and Future Prospects

Cardano's Chang Hard Fork: A Leap Towards Decentralized Governance

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  • Charles Hoskinson defends Cardano against media criticisms.
  • The Chang Hard Fork is set for the second half of 2024.
  • This hard fork marks a significant step towards decentralized governance.
  • Introduction of delegate representatives to enhance community participation.
  • Upcoming events and advancements underscore Cardano’s growth.

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano (ADA), recently addressed criticisms from crypto influencers and media outlets, highlighting a disconnect between public perception and the project’s actual progress.

He emphasized that despite skeptical headlines, Cardano is making substantial advancements with a promising future ahead.

The Chang Hard Fork: A Milestone Event

Charles Hoskinson
Charles Hoskinson

Hoskinson announced that the upcoming Chang Hard Fork, scheduled for the latter half of 2024, will be “the most significant hard fork in the history of the project.” This event will initiate a three-stage process aimed at enhancing Cardano’s governance system.

The first stage involves electing “delegate representatives” who will represent the community by allowing users to delegate their ADA holdings. This mechanism aims to foster greater transparency and participation within the community.

Building Towards Decentralized Governance

Following this milestone event, attention will turn to Argentina for the Cardano Constitution Convention – which is also the “second stage” of the Chang Hard Fork.

Here, governance representatives from global workshops will draft an initial version of a Constitution that outlines guidelines for community-led governance.

The drafted document will then be subjected to a community-wide vote for ratification – which is the hard fork’s third stage.

If approved, it will guide future governance decisions on Cardano’s blockchain. Click here to find out more about the Chang Hard Fork.

Hoskinson also highlighted ongoing research and development efforts within Cardano’s ecosystem. He pointed out rapid growth in decentralized applications (DApps) developed by its community members as evidence of progress.

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Despite facing skepticism from certain media outlets questioning its viability, Hoskinson reaffirmed his belief in Cardano’s enduring presence in solving real-world economic, political, and social issues through technological innovations like Hydra.

Along with initiatives such as partnerchains, Midnight, and Prism, which are maturing rapidly, numerous upcoming events—including Rare Evo, the Foundation Summit, and Token 2049—are all contributing to solidifying its position more strongly than ever before.


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