Crypto Pro revamps website with dedicated price pages for all coins

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, Sep. 5, 2019 — Crypto Pro, a crypto portfolio tracker, is revamping its website with a dedicated crypto price page for every coin, a blog, and a help section. The update will round off the already smooth user experience, making Crypto Pro an all-in-one stop for customers looking to build, manage, and update their crypto portfolios.

Extending the Apple Experience

The new Crypto Pro website will be a natural extension to the app’s easy-to-use and streamlined interface focused on extending the overall Apple experience to other devices.

Until now, crypto prices for more than 5,600 coins listed on Crypto Pro have only been available on the iOS app. The newly relaunched website will feature a crypto price page, where visitors will be able to see the prices of top digital assets listed on Crypto Pro.

Crypto Pro Dashboard

Dedicated page for Bitcoin price

As prices listed on the website are pulled from over 100 different cryptocurrency exchanges, visitors will be able to access the latest and most accurate data in almost real time.

Crypto Pro’s updated website will also feature a blog section. The content published on the blog will range from long-form analyses of current events in the crypto industry and lists of useful tools and products to updates of the Crypto Pro ecosystem. 

Everything Crypto Related

With more than 5,600 different digital assets listed on the company, education has been one of the main goals of the company. Crypto Pro’s relaunched website is set to feature a page for each of the 5,600 coins listed on the platform. The pages will include detailed information about every asset and its issuer, including the project’s whitepaper, ICO information, and recent price fluctuations. 

Focusing on enriching the content on Crypto Pro’s desktop version will help the company position itself as an all-in-one stop for everything crypto-related. Relaunching the Crypto Pro website follows a slew of updates brought upon by the company, the latest of which is an Apple Watch app. Crypto Pro is currently working on a designated macOS app, which will be released in fall 2019. An Android app is also in the works. 

About Crypto Pro:

Crypto, Inc is a California-based, privacy-oriented company focused on building a safe and secure ecosystem that will allow its users to track their crypto holdings. 

Crypto Pro portfolio tracker is an all-in-one cryptocurrency tracking app allowing users to monitor their portfolio, set price alerts, and read the latest cryptocurrency news. Created as a natural extension to the Apple experience, the Crypto Pro iOS app doesn’t collect any private data and stores users’ portfolios locally. 

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