Credits Blockchain Platform & Serenity Source announce a “green” partnership agreement.

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Credits Blockchain Platform & Serenity Source are pleased to announce that they have formed a partnership where Serenity Source will bring its blockchain solutions to the energy sector, with the Credits protocol. According to the agreement, Credits will provide its software, blockchain expertise and advise Serenity as it implements it’s projects.

With a focus on the renewable energy sector, Serenity aims to revolutionize energy generation through the monetization of carbon credits, via a Credits network token. This will allow the development of Net-Zero estates and global expansion through affiliate licensing.

Common objectives:

#1. To disrupt traditional approaches to energy, optimizing performance and construction speed by delivering sophisticated new sustainable luxury smart Net-Zero dwellings (estates). Serenity Source’s Rapid Building System® will allow for the construction of houses for a fraction of traditional investment requirements. These houses provide the perfect way for residents to become energy prosumers as part of the distributed renewable energy production network.

#2. To expand the Serenity concept to different jurisdictions and achieve international growth by selecting capable international partners. Serenity will provide metering devices, powered by the Credits blockchain and cloud infrastructure, which are connected to the Serenity system. Interested Serenity affiliates will need to obtain all licenses required to operate in their jurisdictions and prove they are financially capable of delivering the project.

#3. To provide an insurmountable advantage over traditional energy and construction to Serenity members through the use of a blockchain based ecosystem; backed by real tangible business, facilitating the promotion of sustainable living and smoothing the transition towards renewable energy production and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) technologies.

“The partnership with Serenity Source is consistent with our goals to support an eco-friendly environment across the globe and to continuously deliver the best services to support and improve the retail energy industry. Thanks to the eco-friendly features of the Credits blockchain, which doesn’t require mining, blockchain technology becomes a vital part of the new energy framework and, perhaps, one of the greatest forces in green technology in the future.”, added Igor Chugunov, CEO of Credits blockchain company.

About Serenity Source:

Serenity is a multi-faceted blockchain based ecosystem, focusing on the promotion of sustainable living, renewable energy production, transactive energy grid retail services.

For more information about Serenity Source, please contact Elma Neimar-Saric, Director at Serenity Source and member of Global Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, at [email protected]

About Credits Blockchain Platform:

Credits is a blockchain and smart contract platform for the development and execution of decentralized applications.

The platform has the following features:

  • High network capacity – an initial sustained capacity of more than 50 000 transactions per second; with peaks expected to reach greater than 1 million transactions per second
  • Process transaction speeds of around 0.1 seconds
  • Low fees ranging from $0.001
  • Smart Contracts with advanced features,tools and autonomous capabilities

For more information about Credits, please visit

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