Cosmos (ATOM) Adds A Number Improvements To The Chain’s Security

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A number of improvements to the Cosmos testing infrastructure (ATOM), as well as the addition of “global billing” brings to the central chain of the ecosystem, Hub, the upgrade of the Rho network.

At the same time, the big goal is to improve the security of the Cosmos network, reducing the possibility of collusion or misbehavior of validators.


Cosmos – an ecosystem of more than 200 blockchains – allows developers to create new chains for specific applications.

The network relies on core technologies and frameworks, such as the Tendermint consensus and the Cosmos software development kit, to create individual chains such as Kava, Osmosis, Injective, Thorchain, Evmos and Canto.

Such chains are linked together using the Cosmos Hub and Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

Even greater security

Rho lays the groundwork for another future upgrade called Interchain Security, which is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2023 and will allow individual chains in Cosmos to be secured using the same security validators that run Cosmos Hub, which acts as a hub for other blockchain networks and enables cross-communication and interoperability.

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