Terra Luna Classic: Becoming interoperable again in the Cosmos ecosystem

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Terra Luna Classic is on the verge of a major development, as it is about to re-enable “Inter Blockchain Communication” (IBC) – i.e. communication between various other blockchains – as confirmed by the team of developers who undertook its recovery, known as “Terra Rebels“.

IBC had been discontinued by Terraform Labs, the company that operated Terra Luna, when its “magnificent” crash occurred. Now, Terra Rebels are reactivating the IBC, which is expected to happen on December 5-6.

The code has successfully passed preliminary testing and the developers are doing some additional testing. There will be no downtime for Terra Luna Classic as a result of the upgrade.

Originally the developers had intended for the IBC to start reopening as soon as the v23 upgrade was completed. However, Terra Classic’s lead developer, Edward Kim, noted in November that it was deemed necessary as they moved to reopen the IBC sooner to keep up with changes being made to the Cosmos ecosystem.

As a result, the developer submitted a proposal to reopen the IBC channels by December 5.

Milestone for Terra Luna Classic

This development is a major milestone for the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) network, as IBC is expected to provide incentives for more network utility.

With Terra Luna Classic regaining the ability to transfer value among the other blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem, any developer will be able to create or even update their project to accept the currency, LUNC, as this will attract the burgeoning and particularly large Terra Luna Classic community.

In addition to the v23 upgrade, the Terra Luna Classic network will become fully interoperable in the Cosmos ecosystem, allowing projects based on LUNA v2 to be deployed on Terra Luna Classic as well.

Kim first revealed in September that developers were working to reopen the communication lines that Terraform Labs had cut during the ecosystem crash. Then in October, Cosmos senior developer Jacob Gadikian revealed that the code was ready.

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