is launching a Bitcoin Cash-focused crypto exchange

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Bitcoin Cash-focused news website, run by “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver, is planning to launch its own crypto exchange next month. The exchange will simply be called, making use of the premium domain name.

The exchange will support 50 trading pairs. It will offer Bitcoin Cash trading pairs–as part of its mission to champion BCH over BTC–but will also offer trading against Tether, Ethereum and reluctantly, Bitcoin.

The exchange will launch on September 2 and claims to offer a “robust matching engine, professional charts, and plenty of liquidity for a multitude of digital assets.”

Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens will also be included on the exchange. These are tokens built on top of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (similar to the Omni layer on Bitcoin) that give it more Ethereum-like functionalities. Popular tokens include Honk Honk and Taylor Swift token.

Ver said, in a statement, “We’re on the cusp of something very exciting with SLP tokens — it’s the beginning of a world where we can tokenize anything and, as people realize the potential this holds, they’re going to start demanding a place to trade their tokens.”

This comes shortly after introduced to the market—which was critiqued as being misleadingly similar to Local Bitcoins in both purpose and name. Will this exchange be less controversial?


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