Antminer s9 profitability

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Now, Cause of Antminer s9 hashrate when we use it to mining SHA-256 cryptocurrency the profit is getting very low, but if your electricity cost is very cheap, I think this miner is your best choice for mining bitcoin.

S9 here is a series including S9 S9K S9J S9se etc. but even them the profit is low too, but as I said the electricity cost and this ASIC miner price is the thing you need to consider this miner suitable us or not.

Antminer s9 profitability

How to get Antminer s9 warranty service and repair parts

For now, the Bitmain company stops maintenance of Antminer s9 series miners, but this is not a major thing because you can purchase the ASIC miner parts and repair service and tools from us or other places.

Antminer s9 profitability

About Antminer s9 overclock firmware program

So, we have the cheap electricity bill and repair warranty now. what do we do for now? the overclock firmware! You can buy it or download it for free. The most important thing is don’t be hacked. Many download firmware programs have hack code. It will let you lose your coins via changing the mining pool address. So will not suggest you download from anywhere and have no overclocking guide and how to overlock it. It needs you to find and test only.

Now we have firmware for overlock Antminer s9 miner and warranty and parts.
There is nothing else to consider, let’s mining bitcoins!

But what if broken happened? How to repair Antminer S9?

If our ASIC miner stops working firstly to make sure you have electricity and power cable is working fine. lol.

Now we need to make sure which parts were broken. Control board or hash board or the Fan. If it’s the control board or the cooling Fan we need to replace one. but if it’s the hash board broken, the Antminer test fixture and BM1387 chips, or the temperature MOS chips, those parts are you needed for repairing work. you can see the details of How to repair Antminer hash board here.

Antminer hash board repair video

Is Antminer s9 profitable?

We can mine BSV BTC BCH PPC LCC XMY. And the profitability is around $1.52 if our electricity cost is $0.01 / Kilo Watt per hour, Antminer s9 electricity consumption 1400W Calculate.

Antminer s9 profitability
Date from 12/2/2020

Will you use Antminer S9 for mining bitcoins if with cheap electricity cost? Tell me your opinion.

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