How Much Does It Cost To Hire Blockchain Developers For Your Crypto Project In 2021 And Where To Find Them

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Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology with a huge market that could go up to $20 billion in worldwide revenue by 2024. It is listed as the number one in-demand hard skill in 2020 by the professional social networking platform, LinkedIn.

Another report from Indeed, a job portal, from a couple of years ago reported that blockchain dev jobs have a high demand despite the drop in demand for bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.  

While it is obvious that there is a high demand for blockchain developers, the question arises whether the current job market can satisfy the growing demand. And further questions on future growth, expectations, and technology evolutions need to be answered as well. Here is a short brief on the blockchain job market that will answer some of those questions for you. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Blockchain Developer?

Here is a compilation of average salaries of a blockchain developer grouped under different geographical regions 

The US   

The US stands tall as a cradle of startups; it naturally has a higher demand for skilled and expert developers in blockchain technology. 

The average salary per annum, as per Glassdoor data, is $96,450. This value has slight variations depending on the state. 

Western Europe

Western European developers earn almost double the salary of their American counterparts. 

In London, the average salary varies from ₤50,232 to ₤79,689. The same values of France range from €59,886 to €60,882. 


Glassdoor estimates the average salary to be ₹468,549 per year, which is approximately $6,329. 

Eastern Europe

Hourly rates of Eastern European blockchain developers start from $22 according to data of YouTeam, a marketplace for hiring remote software developers.

As you can see, it is not just the skills that count but also the regions the developers are from when it comes to fixing the salary values. 

Where Can You Find Blockchain Developers For Your Project? 

The best way to hire an expert or developer is to make use of trusted references and recommendations. As the world is restricted by distance and a global pandemic, the best options available start with a simple online search. 

Here is a list of the most popular online resources that can help with your hunt for the right candidates for your blockchain project. 

Blockchain Communities and Forums

If you’re good in tech, one of the ways to find a blockchain developer is to dive deep into blockchain threads on the forums. There, you can see how people communicate, what kind of tasks they can solve, and how active they are in general.

If you feel that someone can be a good match for your company, contact them directly. Here’s the list of popular blockchain developer communities you could start with.

Obviously, this method is quite time consuming, that’s why it’s good if you need to find a tech lead or a core player for your project.

Hire Freelance Developers

Popular freelance sites like Upwork and Toptal list hundreds of developer profiles you can browse for your jobs. These sites let you connect with skilled developers and post your job postings and invite applications.

But the drawback of these sites is that the onus of verifying the candidate profiles and figuring out their qualifications is on you. Make sure to read reviews, check developer portfolios, and conduct the necessary background checks as you require before committing to a developer. 

Outsourcing Companies

While freelancers provide flexible and short-term support for your development projects, they are not suitable for carrying out big projects that are resource-intensive. In such cases, you can try hiring an entire team of developers or individual developers from outsourcing companies. 

These companies will take responsibility for resource management, track work hours, and act as a bridge between you and the developers to ease communication and efficient project management. 

If looking for such outsourcing partners, start your search with YouTeam. It is one of the most popular and trustworthy marketplaces connecting development companies and clients worldwide. You will get access to a huge talent pool, a supportive infrastructure, and verified partners to work with, and assistance with matching – all this doesn’t require any fees. 

But if you want to vet dev companies yourself, make sure you checked the following information:

  • number of years in a niche;
  • team size and talent turnover;
  • the official registration and other documentation for verification (identity, bank. etc.);
  • testimonials from former customers and the possibility to contact them for feedback.

Make Use Of Crypto Job Boards

For a narrowed down search for skilled experts, it will be a good idea to check out job boards specifically catering to the Blockchain tech. Here are some sites you can check out.  Their order corresponds to a number of website visitors – potential applicants for your job.

Cryptocurrency Jobs – a curated job board that accumulates job openings from startups and companies working with blockchain technology. Each company has its page where it can post any kind of crypto jobs, including blockchain development ones.

CryptoJobsList – similar to the previous job board, this one also helps to find not only developers but all the staff for blockchain projects. But it calls itself rather a community than simply a job list. Quite an interesting feature of this website is real-time data on applying for jobs.

CryptoJobs – this job board includes not only open jobs from companies but also CVs from candidates which gives more control of the hiring process (to candidate sourcing in particular) to companies. 

Blockchain Dev Jobs – this website didn’t have much activity lately. But it sends an email alert to the candidates when the new job is posted. And unlike the job boards mentioned above, it’s focused on blockchain development jobs. This gives quite nice chances to find the right candidate.


The job market for a relatively newer and niche technology, blockchain, is still in its infancy. It can be expected to evolve rapidly to match the growing demand for cryptocurrencies.

But with demand, the cost to hire expert blockchain developers would grow as well and hence why you need to look at the right places and make the right decisions to make sure every resource you hire brings value for your business. 

Take advantage of the remote hiring possibilities and online resources to access a bigger talent pool and cheaper resources.

featured image by upklyak – freepik

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