Anonymous Purchases: Mission Possible!

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UnionPay prepaid anonymous card is a great opportunity to keep your expenses confidential. The degree of its anonymity is the highest possible in the present-day world: while it is impossible to be absolutely anonymous, you can still remain almost incognito. The multi-currency card is accepted in 180 countries.

China’s UnionPay is a large-scale payment system that serves more clients than Visa and Mastercard. This post will focus on usage tips, fees, and limits. If you need to order a UnionPay card, please follow the link and contact our experts.

The UnionPay anonymous credit card is reloaded using a SWIFT transfer – in the same way as any debit card. But there is an aspect that makes it a much more confidential experience: the anonymous card is not tied to any bank account. As a result, you can count on more privacy and security. The only information required to make a transaction is the card number and PIN.

But there are some other features that make the card anonymous:

  • It bears no name on it (and it is even called a no-name card)
  • There is only one place where your data is available: your profile in the Chinese payment system
  • Your profile data is in no case automatically shared with any organizations
  • Your name is not associated with the transactions you make at ATMs or stores

Affordable security has never been closer than that!

Please keep in mind:

  • USD, EUR, RMRB, and PHP are the currencies that can be used to reload the card. And what if you make a purchase or withdraw funds in another currency? You can easily do that, and the conversion fee is just 1% – much lower than most credit cards may charge!
  • The UnionPay card is accepted in 180 countries, and more are coming. But still – we recommend checking whether the outlet where you are going to pay accepts this payment system.
  • If you breach any local requirements by failing to declare your income, pay taxes or adhere to AML regulations, it will not be the responsibility of the payment system.

Here are the limits per card. If you know that you are going to process higher amounts, just order as many cards as you need:

  • Maximum monthly amount – $20,000
  • 5 transactions an hour
  • 20 transactions a day
  • Maximum daily reloading amount – $9,000
  • Maximum monthly reloading amount – $50,000
  • One transfer to another card – max $2,000
  • Max POS transaction daily amount – $2,000

A fee is charged per each transaction, but the amounts are quite affordable:

  • Cash withdrawal – $4.15
  • Balance display – $2.75
  • POS terminal transaction – $1.25
  • Card reloading fee – $4.00 or 2.5% (the higher of the two)
  • Topping up another card – $7.00
  • Card maintenance fee per month – $3.00

How to obtain and activate a UnionPay anonymous card?

  • First of all, please follow the above link and contact us by email. Specify how many cards you need and the address where we can deliver them. Please provide a phone number for the express service. If you order three cards and more, you will get a discount!
  • Get our invoice in return.
  • As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you the cards and provide the tracking number – along with the instructions for card activation and reloading.
  • You will need to send us copies of your passport and a recent utility bill, as well as an application with your signature. This information is for compliance purposes only, and it will not be shared with any organizations.
  • Activation will be completed in one or two business days. Following that, just reload the card using a SWIFT transfer and use it!

For any additional questions please contact our experts using the above link.

We wish you a pleasant banking experience!

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