4 Reasons Why You Should Become A Blockchain Engineer

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Blockchain technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies today. This technology was first developed for Bitcoin in 2008. Its main purpose is to maintain a record of all cryptocurrency transactions in blocks. Then, each block is encrypted to secure the information. Anyone around the world can access a blockchain and add their own transactions!.

Nowadays, blockchain technology is not only used for cryptocurrencies. Several industries can make use of this technology to secure transactions and other assets.

Small companies have begun to use blockchain technology to record financial payments, as the technology can be used in almost any field. Thus, the versatility it can provide has also opened a lot of doors for blockchain engineers.

What is blockchain technology?

The blockchain is where all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded. It tracks the trading of cryptocurrency with all the important details. These details include the type of activity, the person involved in the transaction, and at what date and time the transaction occurred. 

All these details are recorded in blocks. Once recorded, each block is validated by several nodes or computers. After validation, the block is then added to the blockchain.

– Graphic that depicts how a blockchain looks and operates.

This validation process is done for all blocks. Thus, if you want to edit the transaction details found in one block, you must change all the succeeding blocks too. This feature makes blockchain technology one of the most secure technologies of today.

So, in simple terms, the blockchain is a long chain containing all these blocks. It is a huge record book of all cryptocurrency transactions that ever occurred!

How to Become a Blockchain Engineer

Becoming a blockchain engineer is not as complicated as you may think. Like any other career path, you can become a blockchain engineer in a few steps.

1. Set a goal.

Why do you want to become a blockchain engineer? Are you interested in cryptocurrency and in securing blockchain assets? Do you want to pursue a career in new technology? Are you a tech professional who wants to upskill to blockchain engineering? 

Setting your goal will help you identify which areas to focus on. You may want a career change with a better salary package. Or you may want to become a blockchain engineer because of the new technology it involves.

It is important to set a goal because this will become your motivation. Goals can also steer you in the right direction when learning all about blockchain.

2. Study blockchain concepts.

Blockchain is such a new technology that not everyone knows how to develop it. Even the most experienced software developers may not be familiar with blockchain! 

The good news is that it is easy to find several blockchain resources to help you get started. It is also easier to learn all the new developments in blockchain technology because it has only been around for a little over a decade.

You can begin your learning with basic blockchain and cryptography tutorials.

3. Join a wider community.

When first starting, you may be overwhelmed by the new terms and technologies you need to learn. But fear not, because blockchain technology has a solid community to help you on the road to becoming an engineer!

By joining a community, you will get to learn from engineers who have been in the field for longer than you have. You can also gain tips on working as a blockchain engineer.

What skills do you need to be a blockchain engineer?

To become a successful blockchain engineer, you will need to have the right technical skills. You should know how to code using different programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. Aside from these technical skills, blockchain engineers who are familiar with financial and economic concepts are more likely to adapt easily to blockchain tech.

In this career, previous experience with programming concepts is an advantage. Data analytics, system architecture, and cryptography are also some of the skills that are needed as a blockchain engineer.

As a blockchain engineer, you will also need several soft skills including problem-solving, communication, and the ability to stay calm under pressure. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, you will need to be flexible and adaptable to keep up with the changing technology.

Why should you become a blockchain engineer?

1. You will get the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology.

Blockchain technology is a new technology that was only released to the world in 2008. One of the best reasons to become a blockchain engineer is you will be one of the first movers. This means that you will be able to aid in the formation of new experiences and innovations of the technology. 

With new technologies like blockchain, the potential is still limitless. The technology is currently being applied in cryptocurrency and blockchain games. A few companies are also introducing blockchain technology to their financial recording systems.

As more tests and applications are done with the technology, the potential to use it on a grander economic scale exists. Blockchain engineers can even work with world economies in enhancing data privacy and security, especially in the financial sector.

2. Many career opportunities await you.

Blockchain engineers enjoy a lot of career opportunities in different industries. As an engineer, you can work on different projects involving cryptocurrencies and applications that use blockchain technology. Additionally, building decentralized applications, or dAPPS, is one of the most in-demand roles of blockchain engineers today.

blockchain engineer

As a blockchain engineer, you will work directly on the development of blockchain technology and its applications. You can work as a project manager, cryptocurrency developer, and system engineer.

You will also get to work with different industries in cryptocurrency, banking and finance, and practically every industry that needs to secure its records.

3. You can receive a competitive salary.

Blockchain engineers are among the highest-paid tech professionals today. You can earn at least $150,000 annually by being a blockchain engineer, but this number can reach a 7-digit annual salary package internationally!

As blockchain engineers are seen to be one of the future-proof careers, you can easily earn more than a six-digit salary in your job.

4. You can enjoy a flexible work schedule.

The gig economy is on the rise, and you may be surprised to know that many blockchain engineers work remotely! Remote work, in general, has increased in the past years. In the tech industry, many businesses opt to hire remote workers from all over the world.

This remains true for blockchain engineers. You can negotiate a flexible schedule with your employer, allowing you to complete your outputs in your own time. You can also achieve a better work-life balance with a flexible schedule.

Final Word: Becoming a blockchain engineer is fun!

Blockchain engineers work on one of the newest technologies today. Being a first-mover in modern technology is a rewarding experience. You can enjoy a good salary, several career opportunities, and personal development.

As a blockchain engineer, you will learn a lot of new concepts and applications. Most of all, blockchain engineers can enjoy fulfilling opportunities that may not be available in other career paths.

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