The new leader of Canada’s Conservative Party is a Big Supporter Of Crypto

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Bitcoin maximalists are celebrating this week. After all, the new leader of Canada’s Conservative Party is a big supporter of crypto. Pierre Poilievre, could mean a lot for bitcoin adoption in the country.

Who is he?

This weekend, Poilievre was elected leader of the Canadian Conservative Party. Poilievre received about 68 percent of the vote. Where do we know him from, and why is he popular?

Perhaps this news is still fresh in your mind: the trucker protests in Canada. Poilievre came into the spotlight earlier this year when he supported truckers’ protests against a mandatory corona vaccination in Ottawa. Truckers would lose their jobs if they did not get vaccinated.

The Canadian government declared an emergency and didn’t know how to deal with the protesters. It became a complete mess when the government froze over 250 wallets that were even remotely linked to the protests in Ottawa.

The new leader of Canada's Conservative Party is a Big Supporter Of Crypto
Canada’s New Opposition Leader, Pierre Poilievre

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s democratic president, came under scrutiny from the crypto-cummunity as a result. He was nicknamed “Justinflation” by Poilievre.

Fortunately for bitcoiners, these measures had the opposite effect. Trust in the government was dented by part of the population during this period.

Since then, Poilievre has criticized the policies of Trudeau’s government several times. Poilievre blamed the country’s largest bank for high inflation and then came up with a promise to return this money to the people.

What does Poilievre have to do with bitcoin?

Poilievre promised to use the power of crypto in the country’s fight against inflation. He then demonstrates this in “everyday” life. In March, Poilievre bought shawarma at a restaurant in Ontario with bitcoin to show his support for the industry. The chain’s sales have increased 300% since the adoption of bitcoin.

Poilievre also said he wants to make Canada the blockchain capital of the world. The condition of this is that he first wants to be elected as prime minister.

The “crypto” politician will also stop the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) if he is prime minister, as he believes it gives the government too much power.

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