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Its ecosystem is made up of 5 of the best project launching platforms worldwide and its objective is to bridge the gap between companies and investors to benefit both parties and create an optimal environment for the development of large projects worldwide.

Today we will be talking about IDOWall and if you are a real bounty hunter in the world of cryptocurrencies stay until the end and find out how you can take advantage of this crypto asset investment platform.

What is IDOWall?

It is a platform that seeks to simplify and accelerate the construction of projects based on the Cardano blockchain in order to raise funds in initial processes called Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and provide maximum security to the average investor to take advantage of many opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

What makes it different from the rest is that it manages to create a direct path between companies and investors and facilitates the way in which people access investment opportunities in a safe, easy and fast way.

What is the problem with buying tokens?

It is important to note that the difference between ICOs and IDOs lies in the immediate liquidity and instant trading that IDOs provide, compared to ICOs that involve an initial waiting period.

From that, we can say that IDOWall streamlines fundraising processes and can develop much faster the growth of projects and companies worldwide.

It is really useful to know that participating in initial token offerings becomes quite risky these days due to the huge possibility of buying assets with no real value in the market. It is precisely in response to this that IDOWall appears.

What solution does IDOWall offer?

IDOWall has succeeded in identifying the flaws in fundraising procedures to enable companies and projects to benefit from a much faster collection and thus favor the development of a large number of business ideas worldwide.

With a “simple but accurate” interface IDOWall displays advanced metrics and comparison tools to provide a much more extensive view as to the most important information for each project, identification of token policy, team DOX / KYC status, overall sourcing and a comprehensive check of social networks and official sites of the project in question.

DOX status of the team / KYC, full sourcing and a thorough check of the social networks and official sites of the project in question, this can reasonably reduce the risk investors may be exposed to and provide a better investment experience for all.

Final Thoughts

IDOWall goes a step ahead in terms of how companies and investors grow hand in hand, this can bring a lot of options to all blockchain enthusiasts who bet on the growth of new projects and companies to solve real problems.

Having tools like advanced metrics, comparison charts and access to multiple IDO lists gives you the ability to take your investment portfolio to the next level.

IDOWall is currently in pre-sale process for its token (WALL), it has a maximum supply of 10,000,000 tokens and you are still in time to buy tokens with potential revaluation in a few years.

Don’t think twice and join the presale at!

For more information visit their official social media links.

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