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Another XRP-Related Scam Hits The Crypto Space And Angers The Ripple Community: XRP Plus

Ripple and XRP managed to be all over the media in 2018 and also this year as well, with the vast palette of achievements,...

XRP Price Breakout Shows Market Sentiment may Shift Soon

All markets remain subject to some very interesting price momentum first and foremost. Although there is no positive momentum to speak of, the...

Game of Coins: Inside the Paxos-Gemini Stablecoin Discount War

The rise of new stablecoins was a defining story in the second half...

XRP Price Uptrend Resumes as Traders eye the $50 Target

As the week rolls along, the overall cryptocurrency and digital asset market momentum seems to be picking up a bit. Yesterday evening showed...

XRP Clone Scam? Ethereum-Based Token Called “XRP Classic” Steals Ripple’s Logo And Gets Listed...

The Ripple and XRP community is angry after a token based on the Ethereum network steals Ripple’s logo and the coin’s name.The so-called XRP...

Bitcoin Investors Won’t Deduct Investment Losses

Bitcoin investors took a massive hit in 2018 – and, according to personal finance company Credit Karma, most of them...

Top Crypto Price Predictions: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Monero

Crypto enthusiasts woke up this morning to see that their favorite coins are trading in the green and this was like a breath of...

2019 Crypto Predictions, Winklevoss Bitcoin Talk, McKinsey Blockchain

Tether. USD Coin. Gemini Dollar....

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