Bittrex Global Announces Wind-Down of Operations: What You Need to Know

Popular Crypto Exchange Bittrex Global to Cease Trading Activities

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  • Trading Suspension on December 4: Effective December 4, 2023, at 18:00 UTC, all trading activities on Bittrex Global will be suspended. Users are urged to complete any necessary transactions before this date, after which all platform activities, except withdrawals, will be disabled.
  • USD Withdrawal Note: Customers holding USD balances need to convert them into EUR or cryptocurrency to facilitate withdrawal. This conversion must be completed before December 4.
  • End of Referral Program: The Bittrex Global Referral program is terminated immediately, with rewards for trades executed up to November 19, 2023, set to be paid out shortly.
  • Promotion Cessation: All promotions on the platform have ceased, and transactions are now subject to the standard Bittrex Global fee schedule.
  • Withdrawals Encouraged: While no specific withdrawal deadline is set post the December 4 trading suspension, users are strongly encouraged to withdraw their funds promptly. A future withdrawal deadline may be imposed by liquidators.

In a recent announcement, Bittrex Global, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency exchange arena, has disclosed its decision to wind down operations, leaving its user base with the task of withdrawing their assets. Here are the key takeaways:

Bittrex Global emphasizes its commitment to a smooth and transparent wind-down process. The customer support team will remain available to address queries or concerns, and users can create support tickets for assistance.

The exchange assures users that their funds and tokens are secure and can be withdrawn at any time, following applicable laws and the platform’s Terms of Service. Data protection is also highlighted, with a commitment to handling personal information in accordance with their privacy policy.

The termination of Bittrex Global’s operations marks a significant development in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Users are reminded to stay vigilant against potential scams, with the exchange asserting that official communications will only come from designated email addresses.

While expressing regret for any inconvenience caused, Bittrex Global acknowledges the support and trust extended by its user community throughout its journey.

Regular updates will be provided through official communication channels, including email and social media, to keep users informed during this transitional period. For further queries, users are encouraged to contact the Bittrex Global support team.


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