Robert Kiyosaki: I’ll buy more bitcoin when it drops to $1,100

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The author of the best-selling Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, is waiting for Bitcoin to drop to $1,100 to buy and invest in it as the cryptocurrency market continues its downward trend.

As the well-known businessman wrote on Twitter, “Losers give up when they lose and winners learn from their losses.”

He explained that while those who are disappointed with bitcoin are selling it, he will wait for it to test the $1,100 level.

If BTC starts to recover, Kiyosaki intends to invest further in it. Many of his subscribers disagreed that bitcoin will fall to this level. Some even said that the author made a typo and actually meant $11,000.

However, the famous investor has repeatedly stated that he will buy more bitcoin when the price of the currency falls to a certain level. At the beginning of the year, Kiyosaki predicted that the iconic cryptocurrency would reach $20,000.

As bitcoin continued to fall, Kiyosaki revised his predictions several times. For example, in May, he wrote that BTC could collapse to $9,000, although at the time Bitcoin was trading at around $30,000.

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Overall, Kiyosaki is optimistic about Bitcoin. He does not trust the policies of the Federal Reserve (Fed) and the US Treasury and also believes that the digital dollar will increase inflation.

Over the past 10 years, he has repeatedly made gloomy predictions about the US economy, predicting a stock market crash.

A few months ago, he said the world was in the biggest “bubble” in history, referring to stocks, real estate and commodities. Therefore, he recommended the public to invest in gold, silver, BTC and SOL, as in addition to the bubble “a third world war is coming”.

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