Polygon releases open-source scaling technology for Ethereum, promising lower fees and increased efficiency

The zkEVM-rollups technology brings the Ethereum ecosystem closer to solving the blockchain trilemma, while making Optimistic Rollups obsolete.

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Polygon has released on its main network Ethereum’s open-source scaling technology, zkEVM-rollup, which promises reduced transaction costs and increased deployment efficiency for smart contracts.

The technology

Polygon’s zkEVM is a zero-knowledge aggregation (ZK-rollups) scaling solution, equivalent to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, that increases performance on the Ethereum blockchain.

Essentially, this technology allows for the aggregation – off-chain – of thousands of transactions, with a proof containing a minimal data summary, which is eventually published to the Ethereum core network.

That is, it mimics the transaction execution environment of Ethereum’s mainnet, but outside of the Ethereum network.

Higher performance, lower fees and security

The open source zkEVM allows decentralized applications (DApps) to scale through transaction aggregation, achieving higher performance.

The zkEVM technology also significantly reduces transaction fees for DApp users, which could lead to wider adoption, while the use of zero-knowledge proofs makes Polygon zkEVM inherit the network security offered by Ethereum.

They can copy smart contracts

In addition, another big advantage is the fact that Ethereum equivalence means that developers can simply copy existing Ethereum smart contracts, to Polygon’s zkEVM.

Optimistic Rollups

ZK-rollups will render Optimistic Rollups as obsolete technology and allow the Ethereum ecosystem to now focus on user experience, increased scalability and easier control, elements that will help it achieve mass adoption.

While zkEVM has been released in mainnet beta, the technology is in its final phase and will continue to be optimized as users grow and as bug bounties and further testing takes place over the next period of time.

Solving the blockchain trilemma

The zkEVM-rollups have brought the Ethereum ecosystem closer to solving the so-called blockchain trilemma, i.e. the combination of security, decentralization and scalability.

Among the notable ones is the fact that Ethereim founder Vitalik Buterin participated in Polygon’s zkEVM rollout on March 27, making the first user transaction. It was a symbolic gesture, given Buterin’s continued influence on Ethereum’s development.

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