NVIDIA Inception Welcomes Presearch.com: A Game-Changer in the Crypto Search Space

Tech giant NVIDIA's Inception program welcomes Presearch.com, a crypto-focused search engine

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Presearch.com has announced its membership in NVIDIA Inception, a program that provides support to startups ushering in technological advancements in various industries.

Presearch.com is making waves in the world of cryptocurrency and online privacy by offering a privacy-focused search experience that rivals major search engines.

A Decentralized Approach to Search

Unlike conventional search platforms that often prioritize certain content and influence search results, Presearch.com has taken a novel approach.

They employ a decentralized node infrastructure that prioritizes fairness and security, effectively reducing biases in search outcomes.

This innovative approach aligns with the core principles of the cryptocurrency world โ€“ transparency, decentralization, and fairness.

Screenshot from Presearch's search engine interface
Screenshot from Presearch’s search engine interface

Accelerating AI-Powered Search

Presearch.com’s collaboration with NVIDIA Inception holds great promise for the future of online privacy.

By joining forces with NVIDIA, a renowned tech powerhouse, Presearch.com aims to supercharge its efforts in developing AI-powered search results that promise to revolutionize the way we search online.

Technical Training and Resources

Presearch.com’s participation in the NVIDIA Inception program opens doors to valuable resources. These include technical training, preferred pricing on NVIDIA hardware and software, and free cloud credits.

These resources are vital as Presearch.com’s user base continues to grow rapidly, thanks to its integration of AI features designed to enhance the search experience.

Collaboration with Industry Experts

One of the exciting opportunities that come with joining the NVIDIA Inception program is the chance to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other organizations that are harnessing the power of AI. This collaboration could lead to groundbreaking developments in the field of generative AI-powered search results.

A Milestone for Online Privacy

Tim Enneking, the CEO of Presearch.com, sees this collaboration with NVIDIA as a significant milestone for their privacy-focused search engine.

The partnership propels them toward creating advancements that could redefine the future of online privacy.

It’s a testament to the growing importance of online privacy in today’s digital landscape.

NVIDIA Inception: A Beacon for Startups

NVIDIA Inception, known for its unwavering support for startups, plays a critical role in helping these companies navigate the challenges of product development, prototyping, and deployment.

Startups, like Presearch.com, gain access to a range of benefits, including NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, cost-effective pricing on hardware and software, and technical assistance โ€“ essential tools that drive their growth.

About Presearch.com

Established in 2017, Presearch.com is the world’s most widely used meta-search engine in the cryptocurrency and online privacy domain.

Unlike traditional search engines, Presearch.com stands out by not tracking users’ online activity or selling their data to advertisers, providing users with a privacy-focused search experience.

The ecosystem powered by Presearch.com includes an array of features such as its search API, AI-driven search results, keyword staking, node running, search staking, and an affordable advertising product listing.

Presearch.com’s collaboration with NVIDIA Inception signifies a significant step forward in the cryptocurrency and online privacy space.

The integration of AI and the commitment to privacy align perfectly with the principles of the crypto world, and this partnership holds great promise for the future of online search and user privacy.

As Presearch.com continues to make strides in this ever-evolving landscape, it is well poised to be a trailblazer in the industry.


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