NovoBrokers: Is It a Scam or a Reliable Friend of Crypto Traders

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NovoBrokers: Is It a Scam or a Reliable Friend of Crypto Traders

There are lots of opportunities cryptocurrency markets offer us daily. Yet not every trader is eager to start their way right on the biggest sites like Binance or Forex.

So, there is a high necessity for a launchpad for novice traders to begin their work. One of the newest options offered for these traders is, a website that provides the scope of services in the field of cryptocurrency exchange. 

Yet starting without previous evaluation of the exchanging platform is the wrong strategy. So it is better to rely on several opinions.

Our review can be one of them when you want to trade crypto without the fear to lose capital. So, let’s start this review to bring you all the information we’ve found about that company and its risk-free levels. 

Novobrokers Review

The first step in this review is to explain what is this exchange platform and whom it may be interesting to deal with it. 

The main intention of is to provide users with the opportunity to exchange all types of financial assets with a focus on crypto and tokenized assets. These options are extremely popular today yet not every trader knows how to work with them.

NovoBrokers works as the exchange as-is and as a broker who helps people interested in risk-free transactions to find the most reliable markets and ways to get income from crypto assets. 

For this, a convenient website was designed. We should mention in our review that the usability of NovoBrokers’ website is above all our expectations. 

  • It has a convenient menu on the Home page to understand the whole functionality it provides.
  • It is available in several languages to ensure all the customers can work with its options with ease. 
  • Its registration process is almost a piece of cake and it can be done in a matter of minutes so we can claim this exchange to value time significant features.
  • A wide range of assets is available yet there are no risky assets among them.
  • No extra fees or commissions are required by NovoBrokers. The level of fee you pay when withdrawing money depends majorly on the payment method you choose. 
  • High protection level to prevent potential loss when exchanging or trading cryptocurrencies.

This is just a brief scope of features. Let’s look at them more precisely in the review.

Features of

As for the specifics of that platform, it can be described just with one phrase. This is a convenient tool for all the traders without obligatory skills and experience in trading. That highlights NovoBrokers from its competitors. 

Besides, the platform oversees significant changes in the market and reacts to them instantly. So, some circumstances coins may be on the rise today while tomorrow there will be another situation. After all, you can keep abreast of all the fluctuations of the crypto market timely without damage resulting by mistakes.

Do not forget about another special feature of this company. NovoBrokers offers its clients a gradual expansion of their capabilities. From the start, all payment options and trading tools will be unavailable to you. But as soon as you make some progress and establish yourself as a reliable trader interested in working on this resource, new opportunities will open up for you. 

Cryptocurrency Markets NovoBrokers Work With

The very idea of this platform is to provide access to cryptocurrency operations and several trading models to all interested parties without exception. That is, there is no clear division into markets. You can choose pairs to exchange from a wide range of available options, and monitor quotes and the availability of profitable options on virtually all major exchanges.

Transactions and Withdrawal Rules

There are fewer cryptocurrencies restrictions on Yet there are several rules you should adhere to when using that platform for your trading goals.

  • The list of payment methods available for a trader depends on the level they achieved on the platform. From the very start, there are only a few of them, yet with time, you get more options to use.
  • All transactions are performed quickly. Some methods offer instant depositing and withdrawal while others may need 1-2 days. Yet not more than this timeline. 
  • You can use all types of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Forex, and CFD options to exchange. 
  • Fees are provided only by the payment method provider. NovoBrokers doesn’t take commissions from users. 
  • The platform provides safety by using up-to-date technologies but the risks are fully on the side of the user who chooses this or that exchange option. 

Signing In on

Getting started on consists of registering on the resource. Unlike many other platforms, the principle of ease and simplicity of registration is applied here to make it easy for every trader to start. In practice, you only need a basic package of documents to verify your identity and a couple of minutes to fill in all the main fields in the registration form. In practice, the process of reviewing your application for registration takes a couple of hours on business days. If there are delays, you can always contact the support team and solve the problem in real-time.

Despite the apparent simplicity, we cannot say in our review that this platform gives access to everyone without exception. For example, if you upload invalid or fake documents, you will be denied and blocked on the resource.

Pros & Cons of Working on

If you put together all the information from the review, you can highlight the following pros and cons of this platform.


  • Large selection of assets for exchange, including tokens.
  • Simplicity of the platform and accessibility for traders of all levels.
  • High level of security.
  • Availability of various options for making transactions.
  • Absence of commissions, except for commissions of payment systems.


  • The platform is not subject to certain legislation and does not have strict regulatory political principles.
  • Verification is required to get started.
  • Not all payment systems and trading options are available immediately after registration on the resource.

Summary of Our Review review shows traders that this website is not a scam. Instead, it is a great platform for newcomers so it can be used to train and learn what are cryptocurrencies as well as how to exchange them, and what profit to get from them. 

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