LocalCoinSwap Responds as P2P Demand for Stablecoins Increases

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Less volatile cryptocurrency assets have struck a chord with P2P traders, with demand for these assets spiking. Have traders finally found the answer to predictable and efficient cross-border payments by combining the flexibility of P2P exchange with stablecoins?

P2P Traders Shift Focus Towards Stablecoins

In the peer-to-peer (P2P) community, remittances and other international exchanges are common, and this has resulted in many traders looking to reduce their exposure to market volatility that can result in unpredictability for those on either side of the trade.

As stablecoins have become more widely accepted and increased liquidity, growing demand has started forming from P2P traders. While bitcoin is considered by most to be the gold standard for cryptocurrency, in some situations, stablecoins can provide many of the same benefits while helping to ensure that value can be retained even if a trade takes a little time to complete, for example, when using a slower payment method such as wire transfer or cash by mail.

What is LocalCoinSwap?

LocalCoinSwap is a P2P marketplace that enables you the flexibility to trade cryptocurrency using over 300 payment methods with traders from all over the world. Cash-in-person, bank transfer, gift cards, and just about any other payment method you could want are all available.

Non-custodial trading and wallets are fully supported, ensuring that you are in control of your cryptocurrency and even have access to your private keys. Non-custodial trades are performed on-chain with the associated security, transparency, and reliability of modern blockchain technology.

Trade Cryptocurrency Locally & Internationally

If you’re felt limited by the payment methods offered by even your local cryptocurrency exchanges, you’ll be impressed by what’s on offer when trading P2P. You can meet local crypto traders to exchange crypto for cash or even take advantage of commonly accepted payment methods like local bank transfers for a quick and easy way both in and out of the market.

On the other hand, you can just as easily explore international remittances or regional arbitrage with the freedom of choice offered by P2P trading. It doesn’t matter whether you want to trade with others in your community or other countries; you can do it when trading on LocalCoinSwap.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time dabbling with cryptocurrency or you’re already an established vendor looking for the best modern LocalBitcoins alternative; you can find it trading on LocalCoinSwap.

Trading Stablecoins P2P on LocalCoinSwap

LocalCoinSwap supports a range of stablecoins across multiple blockchains. For example, on BNB Smart Chain, you can trade USDT, DAI, UDSC, and BUSD. On Celo, you have cUSD, and there is support for several more stablecoins on Ethereum, and other prominent cryptos like Bitcoin, Dash, and even Polkadot are also available for trading.

  1. Register an account on LocalCoinSwap. Sign-up is instant, so you can start trading right away.
  2. Use the search bar to find the best offers; there are filters for location, cryptocurrency, and other specifics that may be important to you.
  3. Once you find the perfect offer, you simply need to enter the amount of crypto your wish to trade and follow the prompts.

If you can’t find a suitable trade offer or simply with to create your own, that’s just as easy and only takes a minute or two to get your offer set up and have it live on the marketplace for other traders to find.

All stablecoins available for trading have full non-custodial trading and wallet support that provides you with peace of mind, security, and a modern touch that can make your trading experience a little more interesting without adding unnecessary challenges. It’s easy enough that anyone can trade P2P on LocalCoinSwap.


As global interest in cryptocurrency continues to grow, the demands of traders will consistently evolve as well. The push towards stablecoins in the P2P trading ecosystem is merely a natural result of supply and demand alongside a constant push towards increased trade efficiency. Finding the best tools for the job is something that is becoming increasingly possible as cryptocurrency adoption and options improve.

So if you’re yet to explore the power of P2P trading, perhaps it’s time to find out for yourself how it can be used to enhance your interactions with cryptocurrency and maybe even finance more broadly.

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