FOMO about next big thing in crypto, Metabourne VR gaming solution

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As you may already know various companies are starting to build infrastructure and making the shift to cater to the next big thing and that is the Metaverse.

A lot of analytics firms have analyzed how Metaverse will grow in next few years and they are expecting growth in the next year of about $3 billion in consumer spending on mobile apps alone. Mobile game apps that will allow users to interact in metaverse games in real-time.

The virtual gaming world has recorded what seems to be the most expensive non-fungible token to be sold. In the virtual gaming world, a mega-yacht by the name of “Metaflower Super Mega Yacht” was sold for a whopping sum of $650,000.

The report further forecasts that games that did well in 2021 would blow up in 2022 and they are expecting more consumer engagement in 2022. Metaverse apps are on the rise.

With all this good news that is happening today in the metaverse, there is no wonder why all tech companies are moving to the metaverse.

metaverse virtual reality

Metabourne is a metaverse virtual platform powered by its native blockchain. Users can create content, experience and monetize content from the game, users can develop their applications or games inside the game and they can earn tokens doing that.

Metabourne game is about making space travel accessible to everyone everywhere, it is a game about space travel and conquering new planets and galaxies and spreading human species and building civilizations on far far away worlds.

Metabourne galaxy will be created exactly like our galaxy in the real world. They have teamed up with NASA and the graphic in this game will be like in real-world games and even better.

Metabourne VR game is immersive metaverse environment where you can co-create your world and interact socially with friends. You can build a business, you can market your business, and you can create any environment you want.In Metabourne everything possible in the real world will be possible in the VR world and much more.

They have a few patents currently rolling but most interesting is their Patented Artificial Intelligence VR marketing.

They have already partnered with all big tech companies like Steam, Nvidia, and Intel because they see a future in this type of marketing.

We have talked with the CEO of the company Chang XIE about their plans and roadmap and one of the interesting things to say is that they are planning marketing expansion soon, after the public presale ends they are planning marketing campaigns on all social networks, and they will be most focused to spread a word primarily YouTube gaming influencer channels and twitch channels.

Earlier this year private presale has gathered a lot of reputable partners and they gathered a stunning $700M, details will be announced on their website after the public presale. This is for a sure most promising project for 2022, get more information on their website and via a Twitter account.

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