Authorities Seize $46.3 Million in Cryptocurrency from ChipMixer, a Major Money Laundering Platform

Europol Confiscates Infrastructure and Data as ChipMixer Allegedly Facilitated the Laundering of $3.8 Billion Worth of Bitcoin

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German and US authorities have seized €44 million ($46.3 million) worth of cryptocurrency from ChipMixer, a well-known cryptocurrency platform, according to Europol.

Authorities seized the platform’s infrastructure, four servers, 7 terabytes of data and 1,909.4 bitcoin (BTC) ($47.7 million), Europol said Wednesday.

ChipMixer offered cryptocurrency mixing services, enhancing the anonymity of transactions and allowing its customers to hide traces of their movements.

The platform is believed to have enabled the laundering of 152,000 BTC – about $3.8 billion at current prices.

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