Elon Musk asks if he should quit Twitter and bitcoiners put forward their candidates

Elon lost a poll to find out if the community wants him to remain CEO of Twitter, while bitcoiners evaluate candidates.

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More than 17 million people participated in a poll in which Elon Musk asks users’ opinions on whether he should step down as Twitter chief and nearly 60%, including many bitcoiners, respond, “yes, go away.”

Musk had said before publishing the poll “I will abide by the results”, so, in a possible scenario Elon will remain the CEO of Twitter for an additional time, at least until he gets a replacement.

The billionaire who currently owns the micro-messaging network after becoming its majority shareholder last April has not commented since the poll closed. However, some bitcoiners are already proposing candidates to replace him.

Some are putting forward Edward Snowden, he was the one who revealed to the world, in 2013, the reality about the “collection” of data by the National Security Agency of the United States.

Others prefer Twitter to be back in the hands of Jack Dorsey, but ultimately many in the Bitcoin community are calling for the election of a CEO who understands the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

For the past decade Twitter has been used by bitcoiners as their preferred social network to share or debate ideas and, in many cases, report important stories. In fact, some thoughts shared by developers and members of the ecosystem, are considered of high historical value.

Bitcoin community calls for a bitcoiner to be head of Twitter

The Twitter account of the late Hal Finney is one that the community considers valuable. As CryptoNews reported last week, this account was “resurrected” after lying dormant for more than a decade.

Hal’s wife, Fran Finney, does not want the ideas shared by the first man to operate a Bitcoin network node to disappear forever, having received the software directly from Satoshi Nakamoto.

In any case, when Musk acquired Twitter, he said he wanted to “try to help humanity” and that “civilization would have a digital square”, but his plans are not going well, as only 42.5% are against his resignation.

There have been a number of controversial changes at Twitter since Musk bought the social networking site. First he fired about half of his staff and then was criticized for his approach to how content should be moderated on the micro-messaging network.

Here come the Human Rights Groups… again..

Recently, advocates for human rights groups have singled him out for what they call “dictatorial behavior.”

Among other actions, they criticize him for having closed the Twitter accounts of some journalists who cover social media-related news, as well as that of several users who have shared news from Mastodon, a decentralized social network that rivals Twitter.

In this regard, the UN tweeted that freedom of the press “is not a toy”, while the European Union threatened Twitter with sanctions.

It is worth to mention that both entities (UN & European Union) were OK when shutting down thousands of Twitter accounts of people who objected covid mandates and anyone who said anything online against the narrative.

Yet another decentralized social network

Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter, donated 14 bitcoins to the decentralized social network Nostr. The project is seen by developer William Casarin as a communications layer that matches the Bitcoin economy and as an initiative that contributes to the evolution of the Internet.

Nostr itself is a protocol, developed by Fiat Jaf, which does not rely on a central trusted server. Instead, all users run a client and with it publish content that they sign with their private key and then send it to other servers that transmit that content. Its main function is to accept posts and send them to relay participants.

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