Distributed Digest: Friday, March 8, 2019

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KyberDAO kickstarts its first voting experiment, the Polkawallet beta launches, and the SOLTIX platform tests Solidity compilers.

Your daily distillation of crypto news for Friday, March 8, 2019:

KyberDAO Goes to the Polls

In a move toward further decentralized governance, Kyber Network’s KyberDAO today opened its first community poll. The question “Should Kyber set up a Community Grant (in KNC), to be governed by the KyberDAO?” will be available for participants to vote on for the next 16 days, with the poll ending on March 24.

Kyber hopes to accomplish three key goals with the poll: gauging community interest regarding KyberDAO, collecting participation metrics, and evaluating platforms like Aragon and DAOstack to determine which is best for KyberDAO. The team plans to share its findings with the community after the poll concludes.

To vote, individuals must have KNC (Kyber’s native token) in their wallets, though participation will not transfer any funds. The voting exercise will occur on the Aragon platform.

Polkawallet, Off the Launchpad

With the growth of the Polkadot blockchain interoperability protocol, Polkawallet has emerged as a tool for cross-chain asset management. Announced earlier today, the Polkawallet 0.1.0 beta not only provides mobile-based asset management but also a staking system and a democratic vote feature, according to the Polkawallet team.

Polkawallet aims to support the Polkadot ecosystem by “integrating suitable cross-chain applications.” Indeed, the team has outlined a roadmap for further improvement of Polkawallet, with the release of beta version 0.2.0 planned for the end of May.

Catch Those Solidity Bugs

SOLTIX was posted on GitHub a few days ago. Supported by the Ethereum Foundation, the automated, scalable framework tests Solidity compilers and has already detected several bugs in both the official Solidity compiler and Truffle’s Ganache command-line interface (CLI).

However, the GitHub repository notes that “[o]nly a comparatively small Solidity language subset is currently supported” by SOLTIX. Moreover, SOLTIX users are presently only able to use Truffle’s Ganache CLI as their execution platform.

The SOLTIX platform is open to contributions from the Ethereum community.

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