Status’ Embark 4.0 comes out of beta soon, Ethereum core devs discuss Istanbul and ProgPoW, and Daniel Shavit introduces the DAO Incubator.

Your daily distillation of crypto news for Friday, March 15, 2019:

Embark Into the Ether

According to information shared with ETHNews, version 4.0 of the Status-backed dApp-building framework Embark will soon move out of beta and be ready for use by developers around the world. Embark 4.0 will feature a new user interface dashboard aptly called Cockpit, an improved debugging tool, and a “frontend-agnostic” build pipeline.

In addition to functioning as a developer’s dashboard, the Cockpit will include a web-based code editor and its own blockchain explorer. The debugger will display Solidity source code lines where transactions fail. Also, the build pipeline will be compatible with most frontend tooling, such as the Create React App.

Accompanying these new features will be an updated website and documentation.

ETH Core Devs: Istanbul and ProgPoW

Today’s Ethereum core developers’ meeting included discussion regarding a variety of ecosystem projects, but two topics of note were Istanbul and ProgPoW. The core devs discussed a proposal, EIP 1679, to allow folks to signal the EIPs they want to include in the upcoming Istanbul hard fork. To signal an EIP, an individual can open a pull request against the hard fork meta EIP.

As for ProgPoW, its audit will include two components: benchmarking and efficiency compared to ASICs. The Ethereum Cat Herders will review auditing proposals. Blockchain testing solution Whiteblock, however, indicated it was “on the fence” about the next steps regarding ProgPoW benchmarking.

Spawning Some DAOs

Researcher Daniel Shavit yesterday introduced the DAO Incubator, a group tasked with spawning decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and connecting stakeholders. Part of the incubator’s work will include establishing hubs around the world “where decentralised minds can gather” to collaborate.

As an incubator, the group intends to support incubated projects through mentorship, grants-related advice, and research, among other services. Further, the DAO Incubator will be structured such that it uses distributed governance mechanisms whenever possible.

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