Crypto Marketplace Sent $90 Million to Users By Mistake

A routine update to the code that regulates Compound users' transactions cost the cryptocurrency platform dearly.

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Almost 90 million dollars cost the Compound platform a routine update to the code that regulates its users’ transactions in cryptocurrencies.

As CBS reports, the update contained a bug that accidentally sent cryptocurrencies worth about $90 million. dollars in the accounts of some users of Compound, which identified what had happened after noting “unusual activity”.

The founder of the company, Robert Leshner, immediately resorted to Twitter to ask users of the platform to refund the amount, starting with various arguments to convince them and even reaching threats.

According to CBS, Leshner initially reported that users can keep 10% of the amount found in their accounts, while trying to discourage those who intended to keep it all, saying they would be declared to the tax office as income.

However, he went on to say that he would reveal the identity of those who did not return the rest, which irritated Compound users, who felt that Leshner would release their personal details.

Leshner later admitted that the move was stubborn on his part and apologized, and every time someone returns the cryptocurrencies he accidentally received, he personally thanks him via Twitter.

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