Celadon Set For Impending Launch – Next Generation Cryptocurrency Includes NFT Collectables Marketplace

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Includes Bridging Solutions – Users will be able to transfer their funds or digital assets to other blockchains without following any tedious path or indenting to high charges. CELA, the native CELADON coin, will serve as a link between the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon networks.

[Bolingbrook, Illinois, January 31, 2022]. Celadon’s impending launch has caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency community. Finally, a utility token that can be cross-traded on several platforms. Unlike Shiba Inu or DogeCoin, users will be able to swap/exchange tokens between Binance, Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Their idea is to be the next generation crypto where people can move funds from one blockchain network to another.

Thanks to a unique feature of the Celadon platform, every user who is thinking about investing will be given an equal chance to start generating money with AWM – Anti Whale Mechanism.

This means that one person can’t control the market by buying large amounts of Celadon Coins and selling them later.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explains, “CELADON will spread the word about its idea in two stages. Phase 1 will see the successful implementation of the CELADON NFT marketplace, which will inherit all of the features and genres of blockchain NFT, including music, videos, digital games, and in-game attributes such as skins, battle items, moves, celebrations, and, last but not least, fantasy game cards.”

He goes on to say, “Phase 2 will commence after the successful completion of the NFT marketplace. Phase 2 contains the introduction and implementation of the CELADON Decentralized exchange platform, performing Trading, Swapping, Streaking, and Farming. CELADON DEX will have an abundance of liquidity and every token pair user can think of. Ultra-fast servers and security at its best will be alluring factors that will put the CELADON DEX above all other trading platforms.”

The Celadon ecosystem includes:

  • Bridging Solutions:Users will be able to buy CELA in any of the provided blockchains i.e., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon as they seem fit and can convert the token into other blockchains standards.
  • Staking: Staking utility provided to the CELA token will take care of the availability of token pairs and lock them in smart contract-driven staking periods.
  • Anti-Whale Mechanism:Wealthy crypto whales or hotshots utilize their vast sums of money to acquire tokens in bulk, causing the token’s price to skyrocket.
  • Swapping: CELA is granted with the basic feature, which is the heart and soul of a token, swapping. Users will be offered the freedom that decentralized truly stands for, CELA can be swapped between the different blockchain standards leveraging interoperability to its finest.
  • Referral Program:CELADON platform users are entitled to the referral program in which sharing the referral link will award them the reward tokens.

About Celadon’s Founder:

Adam Widelka, the founder of Celadon Coin, envisioned a people-focused crypto-currency. He is a Crypto lover and attended Cracow University of Economics where he received his master’s degree. His innovative vision will allow users to be able to swap tokens between two different networks, namely ERC-20 & BEP-20. The idea is to basically allow users to swap tokens between any number of networks.

Mark the calendar: the presale will start 2/12/22 at 5pm CST ( Chicago time).

For complete information, visit: https://www.celadoncoin.com

Attn: Media Relations
Bolingbrook, IL
[email protected]

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