Awesome Possums Rocks The NFT World As It Establishes A New Paradigm In The Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Awareness Community

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The Awesome Possums NFT Community is an exclusive passel that offers the opportunity to its owners to be a part of a talented & fun network, comprising of artists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, collectors, investors, and visionaries.

Tucson, Arizona, March 31, 2022, Every day there is a multitude of new NFT releases. Some are really beneficial to society as a whole, and others are beneficial just to the owners. Imagine an NFT that offers the opportunity to be part of a movement to address and improve Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Awareness while also offering the investment opportunity.

Awesome Possums sent shockwaves throughout the NFT world with their announcement that they are the first NFT project aimed towards empowering mental health awareness and addiction recovery. Finally, an NFT project that is not just about money, but also in helping the community.

Community is their #1 priority. They ask their community to believe them when they say enjoy ‘The Road’ and don’t be afraid of it. Even though the road is just the beginning, no road is long with good company and the right directions. “The Road” is the foundation to keep their Awesome Possums proud and invested in their passel. Owners can expect generous giveaways, games, merch, charity donations and student scholarships.

Awesome Possums Rocks The NFT World As It Establishes A New Paradigm In The Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Awareness Community
– Awesome Possums Artwork

Awesome Possums offers some great benefits:

  • Business and Personal Development Opportunities: Invitation to a Private Discord full of fun and the convenience to communicate ideas, knowledge, and wisdoms of each Awesome Possums owner. Each owner is unique and encouraged to display their uniqueness, from capitol investor to visionary to artist to collector.
  • Incentives For Ownership: Win rewards, crypto lotteries, Awesome Possums NFTs, vacations, tickets to live events and Awesome Possums merch.
  • Charitable Organizations: The founders of the Awesome Possums are most excited about giving back to charitable organizations. They have members on their team that have witnessed loved one’s struggle with mental health conditions and addiction. With their support to this project, they will be giving back to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Charities that are making serious impacts and scholarships focused on low-income students and families.

During a recent interview, Nicholas Brison, Founder of the Awesome Possums NFT, had this to say,

“The inspiration for this project came from my story. When I was 13 years old, I lost a younger brother to a drunk driving accident. In late 2017, I lost my older brother to a drug overdose and then lost my father a month later to a drug overdose. I have also had to witness another brother and my mother go through pretty severe opiate addictions and struggle with mental health conditions. I have a family bystander understanding of how/why addictions and mental health challenges may occur and wanted to take my shot in being able to do what I can to make a difference.”

He goes on to say,

“My vision in the launch of the ‘Awesome Possums” NFT project is geared towards providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences for its community and charity for people trying to pull themselves out of a struggle. The goal is to raise awareness and give a platform to the recovery community in hopes to inspire change.”

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