Advice for Responsible Slot Gambling From an ex Addict

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Thanks to a combination of improved gameplay and their availability on remote devices, the slots you can play at have never been so popular. But the number of problem gamblers has also been steadily rising. So, with the help of an ex gambling addict, weโ€™ve come up with this guide to promote responsible slot gambling.

Set Deposit Limits  

Never play slots without financial plans in place as doing so not only increases your chances of losing more than you can afford, it can also put you on the fast track to slot addiction.

Therefore, before each slot session, devise a budget (e.g., ยฃ10 for the whole session) and once this runs out, stop playing immediately. But you canโ€™t just focus on losses; set a ceiling for winnings (e.g., double your deposit), too, because you need to know when to cash in.

Nowadays, most online casinos have loss, deposit and wagering limit services, so take advantage of these and if you experience any difficulties sticking to financial plans when playing slots, seek help immediately.

Set Time Limits

Money shouldnโ€™t be your only concern when playing slots, though; you need to set time limits, too. Spending too much time on slots can cost you your job, cause problems with your family and be detrimental to your health.

Therefore, you should monitor your slots usage carefully and avail of protection measures such as Reality Checks (which send you warnings about your time spent gambling).

Never Mix Slots and Alcohol

Did you ever wonder why some land-based casinos like to lavish you with free drinks? Well, moderate alcohol consumption relaxes us and can make us feel more comfortable. However, alcohol can also impair judgment and lead us to throw our money away. So, when playing slots, avoid it completely.

Conduct Self Assessment Tests

All slot players should conduct self-assessment tests regularly. But what exactly are these? Self-assessment tests are exams that check to see if youโ€™re a problem gambler. And all you have to do in these tests is answer a series of questions about your slots usage.

Since most people play slots on their smartphones these days, it can be hard for others to monitor our slots usage. But self-assessment tests help us do this and inform us when we arenโ€™t gambling responsibly. Thus, take these tests repeatedly.

Obtain a Self-Exclusion Order if Necessary

Another invaluable tool for problem gamblers is a self-exclusion order. Basically, this allows you to self-exclude yourself from most licensed casinos in the UK for a certain time period (e.g., 6 months or 1 year).

Final Thoughts

Abiding by our five tips will ensure that you gamble responsibly. But if you or anyone you know has trouble following these guidelines, contact one of the organizations listed below.

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