Velo Web3+ and Inery Collaborate for Enhanced Web3.0 Data Management

Strategic Partnership Aims to Strengthen Decentralized Data Control and Connectivity

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In a notable development within the blockchain space, Velo Web3+ Ecosystem has recently joined forces with Inery to advance secure cross-chain data management, marking a significant stride toward the realization of a Web3.0 future.

Innovative Database Management

At the forefront of layer-1 blockchain technology, Inery brings forth its groundbreaking solution, IneryDB, signaling a paradigm shift in decentralized database management.

This solution emphasizes cross-chain communication, accelerated speed, and robust security protocols.

IneryDB effectively integrates database management with blockchain functionalities, utilizing distributed database management properties to ensure a holistic approach to data security and integrity.

Velo’s Distinctive Role

Velo, a notable player in the blockchain arena, has carved its niche by redefining digital finance.

Originating as a decentralized settlement network, Velo introduced a secure and transparent avenue for value transfers.

Beyond transactional efficiency, Velo envisions addressing the limitations of conventional financial services, steering towards a future characterized by efficiency, security, and accessibility.

Collaborative Advancements

The partnership between Velo and Inery is poised to enhance the security and adaptability of the Web3.0 experience, introducing two key elements:

  1. Decentralized Data Management: This collaboration paves the way for decentralized data management within the ecosystem. Users gain access to secure and cost-effective data handling while maintaining absolute control over their private information.
  2. Web3.0 Value Expansion: Leveraging Inery’s technological capabilities, the collaboration facilitates seamless connections with various systems and applications, enriching the potential for value creation by users in the Web3.0 landscape.

Unified Vision for Web3.0

Velo and Inery unite with a shared vision for a secure and interconnected Web3.0 future, outlining the trajectory for decentralized data management.

Together, they provide users with tools to protect their information while fostering a more interconnected and value-centric digital ecosystem.

About Velo

In the dynamic blockchain landscape, Velo emerges as a transformative force with a singular mission to reshape digital finance engagement.

Originating as a decentralized settlement network, Velo offers a secure and transparent channel for value transfers.

Velo envisions financial solutions that are efficient, secure, and effortlessly accessible, extending beyond traditional financial services.

About Inery

At the forefront of innovation, Inery, a trailblazing layer-1 blockchain, introduces a tamper-proof solution for decentralized database management.

This visionary platform prioritizes cross-chain communication, speed, and security, reimagining the data paradigm.

Inery’s flagship solution, IneryDB, ensures a secure, cost-effective, and immutable approach to database management, putting control firmly in the hands of users and enterprises.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the blockchain space, where two leading entities join forces to shape the future of decentralized data management within the Web3.0 landscape.


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