Still looking for a vacation destination? Barcelona has a Cardano (ADA) hotel

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Barcelona has its own Cardano hotel. The accommodation is called ‘Cardano Boutique Hotel Ginebra’ is stationed in the main square of the Catalan city.

The Cardano hotel

Why would you choose this hotel? Is it just because you can pay with Cardano there? Other than that, the hotel is located on one of the busiest places in Barcelona; a few steps from the train station.

One of the owners says in the YouTube video that he also hopes the hotel will become a real Cardano hub, where meetings are held. In addition, according to the instagram channel also as a Cardano stake pool.

It has also established its own charity for Bangladesh, and as the icing on the cake, ADA podcasts are also made in the “podcast corner” seen in the video.

Cardano had to be in the name (and the logo)

Cardano Boutique Hotel Ginebra was, he says, one of the first businesses to accept Cardano as a means of payment in 2017, the owner says in a YouTube video. He shows off the hotel in this video, along with the view.

The reason the hotel switched to ADA payments is because the owners believe in the “equal” and “fair” systems Cardano develops.

They believed in this so much that they decided to rename their hotel from ‘Boutique Hotel Ginebra’ to ‘Cardano Boutique Hotel Ginebra’. In addition, the hotel’s logo was also given a Cardano touch.

Now of course you may think: the writer of this article obviously has a lot to gain from this Cardano hotel becoming famous. The writer of this article has no ADA in his portfolio or any affinity with this hotel.

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